What Did You Do On Your 21st Birthday?

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  1. While sporting a tiara I went to a club with a group of my friends who bought me drinks all night long. Everyone else's job was to be responsible for me.
  2. I had a party thrown for me at Bugalow Club by 30 of my closest friends. We had a private bungalow and a private Morracan room!

    It was fab and the food was tdf!

    I also had a friend take me to the Walt Disney Concert Hall for a performance by the LA Philharmonic on the day before my bday.

    IT was so much fun! I had like a birthday weekend, and each day one of my friends took me out to do something special.
  3. I was the Maid of Honor at my best friend's wedding, and I had to behave.
  4. I was snowed in with my parents. And double whammy, it was also New Year's Eve (my birthday is January 1st). So I drank a few drinks at home with them :lol:
  5. My b'day is the day after halloween, so on Halloween ( @ midnight) I went to a club in NYC with my best friend then on my birthday, we went to another club in the city and had dinner with one of my friends' @ Friday's. The night of my b'day is was freezing. My best friend and I had to take a subway to get there and we wound up taking 5 subways back because most of the stations weren't wheelchair accessible.
  6. I went to Vegas.
  7. Graduated from Basic Training :tup:
  8. A lot of my friends did that for their 21st! Did you win anything?

    I ended up just staying in LA and it turned out to be the best bday ever!
  9. I'm going to be totally by myself for my 25th this year :s
  10. I went to Universal Studios for the first time and went shopping in Beverly Hills/around Hollywood with my parents lol.
    I've lived in California all of my life and had never spent any actual time there, besides just driving through on the way to my grandmas when I was little. :P
    Then last summer I went to Vegas with my friends (my first time there too). :tup:
  11. awwwww:tdown: when is your bday??

    i went to a concert with three of my friends
  12. I had dinner with my family and went to the bar at midnight!
  13. I turned 21 while visiting friends in Austin, TX. At the time (several decades ago, OUCH) the drinking age in VA for liquor was 21 but in TX was 18 so it was kind of a let-down, LOL. No one cared I was 21 except me!
  14. my 21st birthday was during fall break. I didnt go anywhere and stayed at school since it was my last year at school and had tons of work. my fellow dorky friends took me out on a bar tour.
  15. My parents sent me to Las Vegas for a week of shopping and put me up at the Wynn. I wish I got that every year:tup: