Food What did you consume today???


Oh. Gee.
Feb 12, 2006
My DH and I are nursing food comas right now. It was a pretty quiet Christmas but we had friends over today and just ate and ate and ate!

On the menu for today:

chicken mole
mexican rice
egg rolls
cocktail wieners with sauce
lemon cake
home made ginger snap cookies

I am about to blow.
A whole lot of crap. I had a good time eating all of it, but now I'm paying for it all! Our menu was pretty simplistic:

Baked Mac n Cheese
Scalloped Potatos
Chocolate Eclair
Cherry Divinity
Prime Rib
Baked Potato
Assorted baked goods

Now I'm topping it all off with a fabulous glass of Eiswein or Ice Wine as we Americans call it!

I feel totally gross, but, hey, eating is all part of the holidays right?
We are eaters... we eat anytime for any occasion.

Breakfast, we had bacon, eggs, pancakes.

Lunch- we all snacked on random food- and then made fajitas!!

Dinner- ham, turkey, stuffing, mini squash, carrots-turnips-parsnips, salad, sweet potato pie, starbucks!!!

I am rolling around the house right now aching.

(PS moving this to the kitchen :yes:)
Well, my Chrissy was yesterday and for lunch we had

* Turkey
* Beef
* Pork
* Roast potatoes and pumpkin
* Cauliflower and cheese
* Steamed carrots and peas
* Garlic Bread

followed by

* Pudding

For dinner it was

* Lobster
* Prawns
* Crayfish
* Potato Salad
* Pasta Salad
* Spinach Salad
* Turkish bread and tzardziki dip

followed by

* Chocolate/ peppermint mud cake
* Chocolate ripple cake

Plenty of drinks as well!

None of us could do up our pants and the end of the day...
Last night I ate king crab legs, and I was still full when I woke up (champagne bubbles probably didn't help). Then today I had a really small dinner (salmon, risotto, and salad) because I was saving room for the pie and cookies! i had some cherry and apple pie with my sister, and then some florentines that were addicting. YUM!!!

tall light mocha frappucino
a few wheat thin chips with avocado spinich dip

grilled tilapia filet with herbs
grilled asparaugs
a few walnuts

turkey sandwich on double fiber wheat bread with a little bit of the aforementioned artichoke dip spread on it instead of mayonnaise and cheese.