What did you carry today?

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  1. I have a bronze, no name, wheat grass open tote that I brought with me and the kids to the water park.

    (Gotta learn how to post pics here.)

    What about you?
  2. When you post a reply, you will see manage attachments down there

    When photo is on your computer, find it and click upload. When its uploaded, close the window and submit your message with a little explaination of pictures.
  3. My new Givenchy North South Military Hobo! :yahoo:

    Attached Files:

  4. my new louis vuitton watercolor speedy :cutesy:
  5. My chocolate brown Dooney & Bourke Shopper Tote
  6. MY cheap Billabong black slouch bag...

    Really need ot get a decent all around bag.. my good ones are just to small haha
  7. My cheap black bag from Express
  8. organic cotton tote with a blue polar bear that says ull miss me when im gone :P
  9. Black Balenciaga City.
  10. My new Miu Miu matelasse !

  11. L.A.M.B. Esquivel in Cheetah

    I don't have my own picture ... I need to get one of it... but here is an internet pic of it: