What did you carry before designers?

  1. Or did you always carry designer bags?

    For me, I've only been buying designer bags for a few months now. Before that I would generally buy Fossil. And I pretty much would carry one until it wore out... and then buy another Fossil.
  2. Like so many in this little city, I carried Aldo bags! I still have some shoved in the back of my closet, just never used. Then I bought an LV, a major jump from $30 bags. I still haven't done high end - $600 is the most I've gone.
  3. i wasn't very particular with my purses all my life until this past october (i believe)... my purchases would be limited to the clearance section at any store ("whoa! this beautiful thing for $3.00!!! i'll take it!!!")...

    a couple of times, my sister would get sick of some of her mid-range purses and ask me if i wanted to get a few weeks worth of use before she'd throw them out... and i would actually use it no matter how beat up it looked!

    that's why it was such a huge surprise when i started buying designer purses... it was like driving a corvette going zero to 120mph in 2 seconds flat! all of a sudden something clicked and i just had to have a high end purse!
  4. I bought my first designer bag when I was 24, Gucci. Before that I always got 'brand name' bags that I could find at TJ Maxx or Marshall, such as Ralph Lauren or Atienne (spelling?), I think maybe even a couple of Nine west ones :p
  5. oh man the bag RIGHT before i bought my very own first coach was the walmart special! i traveled to Cali, so i wanted something i wouldn't care about much, and ENDED UP LEAVING the walmart special IN CALI! i live in maine! that trip to cali was where i bought my first coach, so i just left the rags behind ;) (had a huge coach tote first but MY first purchase was a pouch)

    my mother gave me a FAKE Tod's, (i had no idea... beyotch), which i carried for a while, and i also carried (and still carry) wilsons leather. coach, dooney, and kooba are the names on my current list, but i do admit, i once pulled the walmart special off quite well ;)
  6. For me, i always bought bags from urban outfitters or anthropologie and kenneth cole sale items.
  7. hahaha! :roflmfao: my pre-designer bags were usually lucky brand, liz claiborne, etc.
  8. I had bags from Liz Claiborne, Nine West, and Fossil before. Nothing was ever over $50. I would get them on sale. Then a couple of years ago I splurged and bought a $200 DKNY. It was all downhill from there.
  9. I always carried designer bags. I just have a lot more now.

    My daughter, who is 15, only carries designer bags too.
  10. I would carry Guess.
  11. I usually carried satchel of some kind. Until I graduated college, it was an LL Bean satchel.

    After that, I carried a smaller cordory one I got at urban outfitters-I can't remember the maker.
  12. in the 80's i carried Liz Claiborne or other nice leather bags.

    in the 90's i carried Coach.

    lately i have been using LV or Balenciaga. marc jacobs from time to time.
  13. Way back when, I carried Coach -- which, sorry Coach lovers, I never considered a designer bag. Then I did some Cole Haan and Dooney. Again, apologies to the ladies who consider these designer purses.
    And now, I have Gucci, LV, Mulberry, Celine, Fendi. And have my eyes on Mulberry, Gryson, Lanvin, more Celine...
  14. I used to carry a Victorinix sling bag. Then I had a baby and carried a North Face backpack for awhile. When my baby was almost a year, I started searching for the "perfect" diaper bag that would hold everything I wanted to etc. I never found it, but that quest turned into the search for a perfect leather bag which ended up landing me here where I'm not obsessed with LV, buttery soft leather bags (Kooba, Lauren Merkin, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Not Rational) and Tokidoki.
  15. I used to carry all types of bag...Kenneth Cole was a favorite of mine. I still love some of his bags. I also carried Cole Haan...Betsy Johnson, Kate Spade, Elliot Lucca.....Micheal Kors...Perlina..beautiful bags from Anthropologie (still love bags from there..have my eye on one now....lol)
    I also used to carry Coach and Dooney...I never considered them to be designer--or high end bags but they were/are beautiful and well made.

    I still love other bags and will carry them. I love LV but I'm not faithful..If I like a bag and it's good quality I will buy it for variety.