What did you buy with your AUGUST PCE???

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  1. I know it doesn't start for a few days, but I called my store and they only had 2 of the bag I wanted left. I went in and they did a pre-sale for me. So tomorrow morning they will ring it up for me and I can pick it up after 11!! I am so excited, my first boutique purchase!! :yahoo:

    p.s How do you guys get your pics in the box without doing an attachment?

    pic is of course from Coach, real ones to follow tomorrow!!!

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  2. I love this bag - I can't wait to see photos!!
  3. I didn't get one. That's ok. If I read the posts correctly, a lot of the newer bags that I was liking are excluded.
  4. Oh, and love the bag you got!
  5. Good thing you got it early, you might have ended up with a display one! I have nothing against display bags (most of the time) but nothing's better than a brand spanking new one! :biggrin: Congrats!
  6. bouncin....i was thinking of getting that exact bag!
    did you go to crocker park?
  7. Ugh, you're so lucky (and I love that color!)! My store only has 5 of the bag I want and is not getting more in stock and I can't go until Saturday morning after I drop my dog off at the groomer. *crossing fingers*
  8. I have bought bags from the coach outlets is it true u only get those PCE if you buy at the coach stores?? If you guys that are lucky enough to get the Pce dont use them do they just go to waste??:sad:
  9. I just got my PCE but I haven't decided if I'll use it yet. First of all, I'm trying VERY hard to stick with my ban, and second, most of the lines I like are excluded anyway.
  10. Yes, that is true, unfortunately. It also happened with the Ergo Satchels too, when they first released. It's kind of a bad move on Coach's part.

    And I don't think I'll be buying anything. It depends. But it won't be like, a bag or whatever. Nothing big. I found something small to hang on the mirror of my car but it's like around $70. I might get it if it's works out for me. I just wish the Coach stores near me have them in stock. Oh well.


  11. OMG! You know Crocker Park? I live like 2 minutes away from there! Where are you from?!:yahoo:
  12. ^^^I am 10 minutes from Crocker Park!^^^
    Maybe we need to have a Westlake gathering!!!
  13. Haha! OMG this is awesome! I'm from Avon Lake.
  14. I got a pce card in the mail today after posting this. I just read it and it excludes Hamptons, Hamptons vintage, Legacy and Zoe. Does that mean you can't get any of the legacy, or just the new legacy items?
  15. ^^^NR/Avon border here!^^^