What did you buy this weekend?

  1. I bought some acne cream (lol! poor me...) and these shoes from Nordstrom... they were cheap and I liked the bright yellow.

    What did you buy this weekend?

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  2. Just my pink denim stuff and my fishyyyy shirt :biggrin:

  3. Is that fishy shirt also Louis Vuitton, Noriko? I love the bright pink of your bag!
  4. hehe I love your yellow shoes too! :biggrin:

    The fishy shirt is from Max & Co. Its a new boutique that opened up here. Its supposed to be under the same company as Max Mara. I saw the fish in the window and was like OMFG! I need that shirt!!!!

    btw, I'm contemplating getting shoes kind of like yours, which ones do you think?




    For meeting my hot white guy at the airport :lol:
  5. For you, I would pick the second pair! I like the silhouette of those better.
  6. A black shirt dress and a very cute brass necklace from isabel Marant..

    MAC lipglass in Trance Plant
    MAC Mascara in dark brown
    Two books
    UK Marie Claire and Instyle
    finally received my Ellen Verbeek handbag...

    And tried on some cute little summer sandals...nothing special but very pretty. they were the last pair in my size,so I am about to dash off and see whether they're still there,to get them!!
  7. Intlset - Cute shoes Annie!!! I love the yellow too, very spring and summer.

    Nori - I like the second pair as well

    Quirky - nice haul!! I hope the shoes are still there so you can get them =)

    As for me, after 2 busy weekends, I finally went shopping. Perfect timing for your thread Intl!

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  8. ooo awesome stuff! :biggrin: Those shoes are just TDF!!! :love: I think I will end up going with the second pair :biggrin:
  9. i went back to Atlanta to go outlet shopping with my mom this weekend, and i had quite the haul. i got a navy blue linen skirt from jcrew, a turquoise skirt from the gap, two polo shirts from ralph lauren, and a green leather agenda from coach (i sold my framboise LV one, i felt like i had to be soooooo careful with it, and i was excited that i found a cheap one at coach because now i can throw it around) that was on sale for $50.
  10. i only bought a movie ticket for slithers. for those who havent watch slithers yet, please dont! :wacko:

    btw, noriko. i like the second pair too. the purple is so cute!
  11. Nuffink, coz I'm skint... :sad: BUT ;) I was up all night last night and one of the things I did was swap my whole wardrobe over from winter clothes to summer clothes, hats to shoes, so it's like I have a whole new load of stuff! :biggrin:

    Loving the pics here, vicarious shopping and that pink LV - awesome!:love:

    If I can get through the rest of the day on the 2 hours sleep I had, and without going into thermonuclear hyperactive overdrive from too much caffiene, I'm going to be a very happy girl! :lol:

  12. Bwahahahaha!! You will join the Mouse Army!

    I'm tempted to get those ones in black, as I have the open-back version in white. I'm just afraid they won't "settle" as well as the open-back (the 41 is a little tight for me).

    Noriko, I dig the fishies!!

    And I only got a book (Some like it Haute) and a few mags.
  13. I bought some Mac nail polish, a black skirt and a case of Champagne.
  14. Ahh !! I love those mouse shoes, they're sooo adorable !

    I bought this.. but in a really bright blue.
  15. Oooh, that's really cute. What brand is it, if I may ask :biggrin: