What did you buy/receive for Valentine's Day this year?

  1. Hi gals! :smile:

    I'm seeing all these V-Day items all over this forum and they're sooooo gorgeous!

    And I'm coming across all your posts on V-Day gifts!

    So, what did you buy/receive for Valentine's Day this year? Do share! :yes:
  2. I got the pomme d'amour cles from the bf...and I want to buy him the mix monogram tie in return but that depends on the situation when it's closer to the 14th! He knows we both have a trip to save for though so he's not expecting me to buy him anything. Either way I think I'm buying him a tie, it's just a matter of whether it'll be from LV or not.
  3. So far a Framboise Small Agenda that was given to me early....and I also snooped and found the matching cles that my DH is trying to hide from me. LOL!
  4. Wow congrats karman, I love that Pomme D'Amour cles! And I love the blue monogram tie too! That'll make a great gift.

    What a cool pair rileygirl! Congrats!
  5. My DH has some LV for me in the trunk of his car LOL...I've been bugging him about having something in epi...so I know he has like a wallet or something...and a pair of silver shoes...not sure which pair though...I tried them all on last week so he just picked the ones he liked best...and I think a pair of lavender shoes as well...
  6. LOL that's why my stuff is in the trunk of the car!

  7. I bought my DH a few ties too!
  8. Hahaha that's where mine was too--in the trunk of the car!!! Aren't they soooooo funny?! Actually, a not-so funny related story is that I borrowed my husband's car to go to work just so that I could open the trunk and peak (I saw a brown bag in there when he opened the trunk and he pretended like he didn't know what I was talking about)....well, that very day I was going to Tiffany to buy a pen for my new agenda and in my rush I tried to fit my husband's car in a space that was too small and scraped the sidde of his car! Talk about feeling sooooooooooooo bad!!! I was going to get him an LV wallet for valentine's day but now I am thinking I have to get him something he'll really love like a golf club or something. oh well.....
  9. You went to look?!?!?!? My DH is so on my butt that probably the only time I can go is when he is in the bathroom!
  10. My hubby better surprise me with a lot of LV!!! :nuts:
  11. nothing yet. im only expecting a nice meal
  12. Haha we're too alike...when he is in the shower I run to the car to look! That's how I found my xmas presents as well! I am soooooooo bad!
  13. i got the cute hair inclusion :graucho:
  14. nothing LV~
  15. Prolly a nice lunch/dinner. Poor college student style ;)