What did you buy in the Jan 09 3-day SALE?

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  1. Hi Ladies! What DID you buy in the 3-day sale? Do tell!

  2. Red Angel Purse with gold HW; Hot Pink PM (and I think that I am getting a red PM for my bday, too)..Just what I wanted!
  3. I got the petrol TME midi, which I am really excited about! Its my first BE bag from the recent collection. I have been very good the past year. Apart from nabbing a couple of bags from the 2 previous sample sales, I have been relatively restrained.

    However, having gotten hooked on the petrol leather (I have the first season Take Me Anywhere), I have been searching for another bag in the same leather since. Can't wait to receive it!
  4. I only wanted the WTM midi in pewter crash or petrol and neither was available for the sale. I would have loved a angel purse but didnt get one of those either. Guess I will have to wait for the next sale. There wasnt much in stock.

  5. congrats Tigger! I really wanted something in Petrol myself and had been looking at the TME midi. But I really wanted the WTM midi so I didnt go for it. Glad you got it.
  6. Nothing! I resisted!!
  7. I bought a Chocolate Matte TME Midi as I had planned and added the Purple Flirt With Me that suddenly showed up on the website to hold my extra long (and irritating) cheque book.
  8. Choco crash Hold Me and red Protect Me :smile:
  9. I'm behaving, but I'd love to hear what other people picked up!
  10. i really wanted a fuschia or hot pink or even a silver smaller bag, as I now have 4 larger sized BEs....BUT I went for a fushia HM and a black TMA! would have been very happy in a WTM smaller version in several colors. I also wanted a Petrol med/larger sized bag--there is one on ebay if anyone likes the style listed; prob from one of you! Very pretty, not new but if one is not too picky, it could be a fun bag.
    does anyone have either of these that I got?
    my other bags include a glossy red LM midi and a matte grey LM and a black w/ black python (forget the style) and a black glossy HM which is TDF!!
    I hope some new bag styles are on the horizon as well....
  11. I was trying to decide between the Black Crash and Purple Crash Clutch Me. I've never had a clutch, so I thought it was time to get one. I have a Pewter Kiss Me Clutch, but that's not quite the same as a real clutch.

    Anyway, I went with the Purple Crash Clutch Me since I wear a lot of black and could use a little color. However, the practical side of me is still second guessing myself. :sweatdrop:
  12. msterling, I think the purple crash clutch me is the perfect item to try this amazing color!
  13. I have a shimmer cream mock croc Clutch Me and it is really quite practical. Of all the clutches I have, the CM is by far the most comfortable to carry and its size means you can fit a decent-sized purse, lip gloss, keys and phone. Perfect for nipping down to the supermarket or dinner at a fancy restaurant IMO.
  14. I'm being good- think I'm going to hold out for a bespoke in one of the new colors - I've been hitting too many sales lately and this sale came after a lot of other designers had sales plus I have a few bags that need to go to new homes but no time to take care of that -maybe this weekend and then I can order a new BE. Still a nice selection on the website so I think a few of us are being good!!!
  15. Nice choices congrats