What did you buy during the sale?

  1. Do you know what the name of the color of this bag is? It's beautiful
  2. I love this! Wish it was available in the US. :sad:

  3. i want another bag! after getting the boston blue trim, im now torn between light pink and dark pink sukey :sad: confused!
  4. anyone know if the Disco bag went on sale? if so what store? thanks!
  5. Further reductions have started today in Australia. Almost all RTW is now 70-75% off, and selected leather goods are now 50% off. As of now the online store prices haven't reflected the new prices yet.
  6. that is good news! i hope the US online will have further reductions soon and hopefully the sukey tote is included as im lemming for it.
  7. I don't know if there will be further reductions in the US. When I bought my large Sukey, the s/a told me all sale bags that have not been sold are being shipped back to corporate headquarters today. I was hoping to get the Sukey on second markdown but most of the bags are already sold out.
  8. oh i see. thats sad news. i think i should just click the buy button for the sukey that i like?! gosh!
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    It's call the Soho in freesia rose color....and thank's
  10. Here's my sale purchase and my first Gucci! Large Soho in Bordeaux. I already want more colors! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1372473028.704946.jpg
  11. Gorgeous! the color is TDF!
  12. I received my medium sukey on Friday and loveeeeeee it! It is smaller than many of my bags but its ok because it's a hand held. Even though its small it can fit everything I was carrying in my LV artsy. I also love how it opens wide but then can be closed off too so everything isn't visible to the world. Love love love it!!!
  13. Congrats! I love the look of the Sukey bag! Very classy!
  14. Thanks! Congrats on your first Gucci :smile: I love the style of the bag you got as well and hope to have one from the soho collection one day as well. Lately I've found that I haven't loved the new LV bags so my addiction has moved over to Gucci.... Just when I thought my wallet was safe.... Lol
  15. Got them yesterday
    Disco bag Sunshine ; off white
    Panama Hat