What did you buy during the sale?

  1. Lovely! But she needs to be seen by the world too, so make sure she gets out of her box soon lol 😄

    Susiemoo congrats on your anniversary, I wish you many happy years in your adopted country and many more additions to your Gucci and Tiffany collections. Just adore that pink tan, such a gorgeous color!
  2. And for my next question - when does the sale end?????
  3. Thank you GG-007 :hugs:

    Reveal coming up below. :love:
  4. Here she is in the glorious Australian winter sunshine. Better than a summer's day in Scotland. :roflmfao:
  5. Ooh it's squinty. Sorry!! I'll try one more.
  6. Last one! :smile:
  7. Miss Emily in periwinkle arrived on Tuesday :smile:
  8. Very pretty! Is that the Soho tote next to it? I don't think it was part of the sale but how do you like it?
  9. I brought the supreme star tote. Love it. I was going to buy it full price before. But am sooooo happy I held off. Got it half off. Happy happy :smile:
  10. I don't own a Gucci... but would like to change that! I've been looking at the Star Boston bag on sale. I love the style..and satchels. Thoughts on this being a good first Gucci?
  11. I think that would be great for a first gucci. They are very durable, and stiff compared to the original web design with canvas like material. So it's more practical easy to keep clean and holds its shape well. So I think it would be a great choice :smile:
  12. Thanks for your reply!!
  13. Thanks! Yes it is the soho tote...love it! The leather is nice and soft.
  14. This is so pretty! Do you mind if I ask the name of this?
  15. I love the bamboo! It's a beauty.