What did you buy during the sale?

  1. So, what did you buy? I ended up getting the micro guccisima sukey in orange, flip flops, money clip and sunglasses. I wanted one of those cross-body bags but had to control myself :smile:
  2. So far I have gotten the solar flip flops and the stars Boston key clip.
  3. The Supreme stars boston - can't wait for it to arrive!
  4. I got off white flip flops and a sky blue leather belt for my husband.
  5. I ordered a red Guccissima wallet and some sunglasses.
  6. For the online sale I got the burnt orange large Sukey and the large GG Interlock hobo.
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    I got these! But not sure what they are called o_o!!
    only know the bag is called Boston

  8. We got the same bag! I had my eye on that big for months! The color is TDF. Can't wait to get it
  9. Congrats :smile: I am excited to receive it:smile:
  10. I didn't buy anything in the sale (although I did buy something) I don't think I'll be running out of Gucci anytime soon ;)
  11. Do tell us what it is! :biggrin:
  12. I got the same Stars Boston!! It will be my first Gucci so I'm excited to receive it. :smile:
  13. I'll give you 3 clues: :biggrin:

    1. They are Flora-l

    2. They are precious

    3. They are sold as a matching pair :graucho:
  14. Got to be that pretty pair of sterling silver flower earrings!
  15. Got a pair of the suede drivers for my husband!