What did you buy at Hermes for the holiday season?

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  1. As the question suggested, what did you buy? By that I mean for yourself, your family, friends, relatives, SOs, etc etc. Perhaps I will get some inspiration and actually find something I need
  2. For myself: Cashmere shawl
  3. I would love a Black Clic-Clac w/PH, a Jungle Love shawl and an Elephant Cadena. A Black Birkin would be just oh so lovely - lol!!!
  4. I bought a large shawl for my mom...Tohu Bohu? Nothing for me, unfortunately.
  5. Tie and aftershave for DH, etriviere bracelet for me, Rose Ikebana for me, wanted to get an Evelyne or Trim for Mum, but she didn't want it, so I bought a scarf (for me again) instead.

    Me, me, me.
  6. I purchased the snowman key chain and within a weeks period it fell off my bag - boo hoo. I went back to H to purchase another but instead puchased the following key chains - duck, panda, heart, tiger, horseshoe & pumpkin. Went a bit overboard, eh?
  7. Me, me, me too! Got an elephant cadena and scarf. Was going to get DH a tie but he wanted a few from another store instead.
  8. So far, a back clic-clac with P h/w.

    .....and a lil' something for my secret santa draw (hope she likes it!)
  9. From Paris Hermes, I've bot and given the following x'mas gifts to friends and family !!

    1) silver chain (i dunno what u call it, but it has a cute little coin) for my a couple of my dear friends)
    2) cashmere shawl for my fav sil
    3) Les triples pocket sq for a dear friend as well
    4) Hermes scarf for my sis
    5) leather bracelet for a good friend
    6) hermes perfume for another good friend !!
  10. Dam, I feel like I need to buy something Hermes for myself.

    Think I will go to town and check out the SS07 RTW :P .
    I bot a black top last week, but its worn so its no longer 'new' :rolleyes:

    I NEED AN ORANGE BOX !!!!!!!! :supacool:
  11. Wow I just realized that while I've never bought anything from Hermes for myself I bought the following Christmas presents from Hermes in Paris:

    tie for Dad,
    tie for fiance, and a
    tea mug for mom.
  12. Rose Ikebana perfume for my grandmother and Hapi 3 bracelet in chocolate brown leather with PH for myself, so far :biggrin:
  13. ties
    a Ulysses notebook/agenda
    an Arceau watch
    more scarves
    a karo
    scarf rings
    and more stuff I'm sure, though I've since forgotten (I start Christmas shopping in early spring!)
  14. i try to turn my family and friend into the H-world so i bought most of the presents from there:
    -pocket scarfs
    -hapi bracelet
    -Ulysee agenda
    -portable photo-frame
    -picotin pm
    and a beautiful trim-for myself:yahoo:
    Merry Xmas!!!!