What did you buy at Hermes for the holiday season?


It is what it is
May 25, 2006
As the question suggested, what did you buy? By that I mean for yourself, your family, friends, relatives, SOs, etc etc. Perhaps I will get some inspiration and actually find something I need
Tie and aftershave for DH, etriviere bracelet for me, Rose Ikebana for me, wanted to get an Evelyne or Trim for Mum, but she didn't want it, so I bought a scarf (for me again) instead.

Me, me, me.
I purchased the snowman key chain and within a weeks period it fell off my bag - boo hoo. I went back to H to purchase another but instead puchased the following key chains - duck, panda, heart, tiger, horseshoe & pumpkin. Went a bit overboard, eh?
From Paris Hermes, I've bot and given the following x'mas gifts to friends and family !!

1) silver chain (i dunno what u call it, but it has a cute little coin) for my a couple of my dear friends)
2) cashmere shawl for my fav sil
3) Les triples pocket sq for a dear friend as well
4) Hermes scarf for my sis
5) leather bracelet for a good friend
6) hermes perfume for another good friend !!
Dam, I feel like I need to buy something Hermes for myself.

Think I will go to town and check out the SS07 RTW :P .
I bot a black top last week, but its worn so its no longer 'new' :rolleyes:

I NEED AN ORANGE BOX !!!!!!!! :supacool:
Wow I just realized that while I've never bought anything from Hermes for myself I bought the following Christmas presents from Hermes in Paris:

tie for Dad,
tie for fiance, and a
tea mug for mom.
a Ulysses notebook/agenda
an Arceau watch
more scarves
a karo
scarf rings
and more stuff I'm sure, though I've since forgotten (I start Christmas shopping in early spring!)
i try to turn my family and friend into the H-world so i bought most of the presents from there:
-pocket scarfs
-hapi bracelet
-Ulysee agenda
-portable photo-frame
-picotin pm
and a beautiful trim-for myself:yahoo:
Merry Xmas!!!!