What did you and your Balenciaga do today?

  1. Today was Australia Day, so it was a public holiday, no work... woo hoo!

    My Rouge VIF City accompanied me to lunch with my family.

    My boyfriend and I tried our luck on the pokies/ slot machines and we actually won!

    ... I told him my Balenciaga was the reason for our good luck :yes:

    What did you and your Balenciaga get up to today?
  2. ooh fun! I took my sky blue work to do errands and go shopping with my mom today
  3. Mine went to the Sound of Music last night.
  4. Me and my 06lilac city went to a condensed matter physics class and we picked out classes together for my boyfriend :love:
  5. My magenta day and I drove back to SF today and then met my friends for dinner and wine, and went to visit my avatar bella.
  6. My white purse and I are @ work right now.
    But in 1 hour we'll be going home to visit my parents.
    Tomorrow we'll go see my new niece.. She was born the day before yesterday (jan. 24.). Can't wait to see her! Have bought a pink teddybear from babyDior :tender: for her!
  7. Yesterday:
    Me and my Black City went to work , then we picked up my mom and got a pedicure and went out to dinner :cutesy:
  8. ^^ OMG, this is the cutest thread ever!!! :tender:

    p.s. it's only 8am in nyc, so i'll have to chime in later :heart:
  9. me and my rouge vif day went to do errands and later we went shopping:yes:
  10. It's 7am here in Texas but I'm going to take my black City to work and then to a jewerly party tonight! Maybe I can find her some "bling"!:roflmfao:
  11. ^^ lol, just be careful girl, i've heard they have expensive taste!!! :p
  12. Obviously I do , too!:roflmfao:
  13. My brand new Cafe Day and I are having her first outing at work today. (She's slouching on my credenza as I write.) :love:
  14. Me and my b bags go to work everyday or they might find themselves a new owner one day. They've gotta earn their keep:graucho:
  15. yesterday my grass green princess and I went to work and then to the mall and dinner. she was completely tired out from all that fun, so she is sleeping in her dustbag and box today:cutesy: