What did you accomplish today?

  1. We have a "How did you move" thread in Health & Fitness & a "What did you spend today" thread in Money talks, sooo... why not a place to record all we have accomplished!:yes:

    I'll start:

    Today 6/25
    * Ordered Propane
    * Got towel holder & TP holder @ Target
    * Returned Mirror at Lowes. Got Paint & clearance chandelier. (remodeling my house for sale)
    * Got cereal & bread @ Wal-Mart
    * Packaged one eBay item
    * Wrote 2 Thank you notes
    * Got DH work packet ready for mail
    * Got chinchilla & hamster food
  2. oooh I finally got around to enquiring about a course that I really wanted to go on, and I found an elusive farrow and ball paint that I was having problems tracking down!!

    and I had time to fit in a lovely single shot caramel latte and a pain au raisin ;)

    this is fun!!!
  3. I just fixed my mac (with a little help from macusersforum) ;)
  4. I didn't really accomplish anything today but my son went into "big school" for a story afternoon today before he starts there in September! He was really excited!
  5. Not a cotdarn thing.
    Well, I guess I've done "ctrl V" about a thousand times for work today but thats about it.

    Relisted a bag due to a NPB.
    Sent an inquiry to an eBay seller, doubt theyll respond because it was kind of odd lol.
    Might actually cook dinner tonight.
  6. I helped my fiance overcome his sadness and anger due to failing his first year of uni :sad:
  7. I showed up at work, messed up a bunch of paperwork, went to lunch, got some coffee and am now pretending to fix the paperwork. Just in case you couldn't tell, my job is REAL important.
  8. A big fat nothing. I went to work and I was evacuated at midday because of the floods. Took me three hours to get home.
  9. The only productive thing I got done today was cleaning my bathroom. I have a ton of laundry that needs to get done.
  10. I configured a Blackberry Enterprise Server and rolled out about 2 dozen new Blackberry units. I'm done for the week...I'll just kick back now. LOL
  11. Cleaned my old appt. until it shined, caz we turned in the key today
  12. i helped my ex boyfriend hunt for a new apartment and in return he helped me take out the giant boxes from the new tv that i bought a couple weeks ago
  13. Well, I accomplished a big overhaul of my house yesterday, cleaning, re-organizing, and moving things around a bit!

    Today, I finished typing up a bunch of my Dad's paperwork...I'm thrilled to do it regularly now! Before my Dad was having someone else do it, but I'm an English major and have learned some business writing, so he let me take over! :yes: He also lets me write out all of his checks now (signs them later), and assigned me my own little project in Charlotte to take care of. I've learned his filing system, have copied and re-copied and have been filled in on his full contact list so I have an idea of everyone that he does business with, etc. It's all a part of gradually learning the business, and I feel like I'm making good progress :yahoo:
  14. fit in an hour-long morning workout
    went to work and did a bunch of crap i didn't feel like doing :p
    finished an excellent book (but it sort of had a disappointing ending) over lunch
    went to a clean marina ceremony and welcomed a West Palm Beach marina to my workplace's family of environmentally friendly marinas :nuts: took pictures, schmoozed with people and sweated my arse off in an "air conditioned" tent
    and now i will accomplish the great feat of eating dinner!
  15. i did NOTHING. absolutely nothing. been at work until now and im leaving because:


    i randomly searched for hotel reviews and car rentals for my birthday/vacation trip with my SO to vegas this friday!