What did we buy this month???!!!

  1. In contrast to my Taking it Slow thread...for those that don't do the big reveals, how about a little thread to show what's new in our Hermes world??

    Here's my newest little goody!!

    Sat pics 007.jpg

    a Karo pm in turquoise chevre :yahoo: ....perfect for the little goodies in my bags!!!

    What did YOU buy lately??
  2. That's lovely Shoes! I have been on a mousse buying frenzy.
  3. Nothing! Nothing! NOTHING! Can you believe it?!!!!!

    (sorry for hijacking your taking it fast thread)
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I wish I could say the same for myself. And the month isn't even half over!
  5. Wong, it wasn't a real choice, I 've been totally broke all month long... but I'm happy I din't buy anything though. Makes me feel FREE!
  6. ^Can you help liberate me too? LOL.

    Seriously though, I know. I've been looking at my bank statements and thinking I should lock up my credit cards and check books on a time-release lock. Until June!
  7. me bought -->:nuts: Tiger Charm and a Chicken Charm

    planning for: another navy colorway scarf, a white/red berries twilly.
  8. I don't know what I can do from so far away...:shrugs: Hey! I've locked several times my checkbook and all my CC in the safe, and it helped...maybe you could try that:graucho:

  9. Initiale, Massai, too many scarves, couple of scarf rings.
  10. S, your new Karo PM is FABULOUS!! Congrats!


    I feel very fortunate to have found in the last month a black box Plume Elan, a rouge vif box Kelly Bearn, a black/brown/navy Chemins de Garrigue, (oh and a horn scarf ring - forgot) and I have a couple somethings on the way... :graucho:

    new goodies 5-07.jpg
  11. Great thread!! Can't wait to see more pictures!
  12. Katel I love your plume elan! And the shooting star....princess cute charm!! I should have called this Taking if FAST lol!! And I should lock up my cc's.....but then I just sell something to buy more...
  13. Sorry I have no pics to post but I've bought some Balcons du Guadalquivir porcelaine recently... Yummy!
  14. Thanks Shoes!! I also forgot my new Champs de Courses twill in lilac. Love that color! I am so tempted by the CdeC mousses......(no, no, no, no - one twill is enough, considering....must keep repeating this)
  15. My first Kelly!