What did they use to pay for fees?!


Jun 9, 2010
Okay, I might be missing something here.

I knew my ebay fees would be taken out automatically today. I have the automatic payments set up, and the list of avenues is
1.Paypal Balance
2.Visa Card
3.Bank account

So I go and check my ebay today to see if they have been deducted, and yes they have. So I go to paypal, and do not see a record of them paying ebay. I do see that my held funds from a recent sale ($200) are still being held (no prob with that, I knew about it). No other funds have been put into the account or taken out to pay ebay. And no record of the transaction for ebay being paid their fees.
So I go and check my Visa, and it has not been changed. No record of paying ebay.
Then I go check my bank acct, nothing there.

What paid the fees? Are they going to deduct it from the held funds when they get released, or did they charge my Visa and it has not shown up yet? This is my first time paying fees, and they are a little large ($115) so I would like to be aware of which avenue that money went from to pay them. I check the fees page and it just said it was paid (under "credits", not debit) by the automatic payment system.
Any advice is appreciated.


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Feb 25, 2007
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Do they usually deduct it from your paypal account? If so, instead of going to the main page, click on "see all transactions." It probably will show there.
Nov 24, 2006
Did you check your eBay account page? The amount of fees+the date it would be deducted is usually shown there-normally, eBay give a couple of days in their estimate, on when the fees would be drawn from the account. If the fees are still there, and you are worried about it, you can always do a one-time payment, or payment of a specific amount on the account page. HTH!

By the way, I apologize that it's totally off topic, but where did you get that keychain OP? It's so cool; I always wanted an Asian dragon keyfob!


Jun 9, 2010
Yes, I am sure it has been deducted, because where it says "amount due", it reads zero. Yesterday, it read the amount of the fees. So according to ebay, I no longer have any fees to pay.
But Paypal still has no record of this transaction.
I checked my Visa, and my bank account, therefore all avenues I had listed for payment and they still show nothing has been paid. There is no "pending" transactions on either account either.
I really think they might deduct it from the held funds of my previous sale; that is the only solution now that I can come up with. It would make sense...why else has it not turned up under my paypal transactions, but is shown as paid through ebay?


Jun 9, 2010
If it was paid through paypal, it would be listed as a transaction. This is what I am familiar with when it comes to Bonz, anyway.

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Dec 27, 2008
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This is my case for this month's fee. I also set up PayPal as my automatic payment method.
1. On Nov. 3rd, eBay sent me an invoice notification which telling me the amount and approx automated deduction date (between Nov. 15th and Nov. 17th) from PayPal.
2. Then PayPal sent me a "receipt of payment for invoiced eBay seller fees" on Nov. 18th

In my eBay seller account activity page, there is a "payment & refund" tab. It says my PayPal payment was Nov. 15th.

In my PayPal transaction records, the actual payment was processed on Nov. 17th

Looks like there were some time difference between eBay and PayPal.
I think you should be getting a "receipt" from PayPal soon.


May 21, 2008
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Just as a side note, I usually pay my fees from the sale proceeds before withdrawing the funds, that way no bill to think about. (I hadn't even thought of doing that until I read it here)


Dec 5, 2010
im having this same thing happen... says auto bill payment -thank you- on the 30th of november but still no balance deducted anywhere... usually shows the next day.


Jun 9, 2010
Just as an update:
I received a receipt from Paypal on the 4th showing that the fees were paid with my Visa. However, the funds STILL have not come out of any accounts, LOL! No info at all has been posted about them with my bank. I recently bought something on ebay, and it showed up on my bank website almost immediately after I paid.
I have no idea what is going on here...it should have come out by now. Hmmm...