What did she get?

  1. Feeling all friday night I thought I´d reveal my purchases all at once with hints:p One for every item.

    So let´s get cracking:drinkup:

    If you guys don´t make one guess I´ll feel totally lame:wtf:




  2. Ok my guesses so far
    1. scarf clip
    3. crinolin bag
  3. I'm with fleur here..
  4. A bunch of clergy paperclipped to a white horse and riding in the countryside?

    :p I'm terrible at guessing games.
  5. ^^^^ Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Good one Cristina
  7. I knew I would get it right on the first try!
  8. nuns on diving horses? i can't figure out what to do with the paperclips, though. :confused1:

  9. Oh Nola, stop torturing us and spit it out, girl :nuts:;)
  10. :popcorn:
  11. :woohoo:
  12. 1) An agenda?
    2) Cashmere shawl?
    3) No clue
    4) No clue again
  13. Great guesses everyone, all wrong of course:p

    Here´s the first one..

    Clips by Vladimir Rybalchenko. The original design was made in 1986 and it was re-issued in 2003. Love the colour:yahoo:


  14. LOL DQ, you did the hard part - you can leave the last minute details to the nuns.
  15. The second is a beautiful raisin chevre Clarisse GM