What did Santa bring you???


May 16, 2006
Well...basically what the subject line says :smile: lol

What did everybody get from Santa this year??

From mom:
  • Nintendo DS Lite
  • 2 shirts from Esprit
  • 1 shirt from Cecil
  • Winter Coat from Minx, looooove this coat!!
From dad:
  • A nice Cross pen for school (I love pens!)
  • A Vera Bradley Tote & Duffle bag
  • A Lenox Mickey Mouse collectors Ornament
  • New necklace chain
From Oma:
  • A brown sweater from Cecil
  • Knitted socks (wheee!)
  • Booties for baby, awwww!
From Oma's sister:
  • Chocholates
  • 20 EUR
From Anja & Lothar (aunt & uncle):
  • Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker
From Bart:
  • A gift certificate for a day at one of the Spas in Soelden when we go skiing in February
  • Some baby clothes & and a rattle :heart:
From Santa:
  • A gift certificate (400 EUR) to the local baby boutique here. Will use that and some of my own money to buy a stroller/pram!
  • A letter from Santa Claus to baby :crybaby: Awwww!!

This afternoon we will be giving gifts again with the family that we did not get to see last night.

Hope that you all had/have (depending on where you are in the world) a very nice Christmas filled with love and happiness!!
AWW!! The letter is so sweet!! Congrats on everything!!

From my parents/Santa, I got
  • Coach Poppy Tote
  • Hairdryer (T3 Travel)/Flat Iron (solila? something? it's pink :biggrin:)
  • Shirts from American Eagle/Old Navy
  • These cole haan/nike/g series boots
  • Chocolate covered pretzels from Hoffman's ... my favorite candy ever!
I still am going to see my two BFs (best friend & boyfriend) this afternoon, so I don't know what else I'll get!
OH fun!!! Lets see....

From dh's parents:
New rug for our new home
sweater and tops from Gap
new watch

From my parents:
MC pochette
Chanel Sunglasses
Vera Wang Princess perfume
Pearl earrings and another set of earrings
Gift certificates
Nail stuff
Lancome Makeup
Bath & Body works lotions
key chain and some headbands

My grandparents and friends etc:
Ornate candle jar
Gift cards

My dh:
Cabas Piano
he's paying part of my new Manhattan PM
Digital Camera
The Fray CD
Lottery tickets

My uncle is coming today, can't wait to see them!! What did everyone else get???
From DH:

8 pairs or earrings
A Sanrio soft toy
A Hello Kitty letter pad
My Melody stickers
A large jewellery box
A Hello Kitty pocket mirror with comb
2 Rouge Dior lipsticks
Hard Candy 'takeaway' make up kit
pair of flats from urban outfitters
A pink dress from Old Navy
A faux fur jacket

AND air tickets back to Malaysia to visit my family!

From my parents, aka Santa:
- Sand Uggs
- Burberry Shimmercheck handbag in ''martha''
- Armani Code perfume
- Sephora Stuff-
- A necklace
- Itunes gift cards
- Bath stuff
- This winter cake thing
- Clothes from AE
My cousin
- sims 2 games

- 2 necklaces

I have yet to find out what my aunt is giving me. Last year she gave my Vuitton bag. I am praying its good!
Under the Tree:

The Pink Pony Medium Tote (in black)
Bottle of Vera Wang's Princess
Vera Wang's Princess body wash
Bottle of Versace's Bright Crystal
Chili cook book
Black Calvin Klein Robe (originally for my brother, but he doesn't do robes. I tried it on and liked it, so now it's mine.)
A pizza cutter

In my stocking:
$30 cash
$25 Barnes & Noble gift card
Dark chocolate orange (the ones you whack and unwrap)
Packet of hot chocolate mix

The only thing my brother said was he ordered Christmas gifts and thought they'd be here today. They'll be on their way.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!
AWE!Twinkie,so sorry its an icky holiday for you--Chin up girl!
Ive been thru one nasty ass divorce and got the bestest second hubby a year later!!He was worth the wait!
Hope your day gets better!! we have the stomach flu making its way thru our house at the moment....LOL!!YUCKY!!!!
However Phh gave me a TIVo on top of the Prada stuff he gave me so Im having a ball figuring out how to work it..Im techologically challenged..to say the LEAST!ROFL!!!
We love you, Twinkie, and we're here to listen if you need to talk!

Jill, my parents have TiVo and they love it! Once you figure it out, you're going to have so much fun with it! One feature they have is you can record one show, or you can put that on a Season Pass. (Meaning, at a certain time on a certain channel, it automatically records the show for you.)
i got a stunning dkny watch of my parents which i wasnt expecting so that was nice, it really cheered me up! ive had a crap christmas too with my nan dying three weeks ago.
i also recieved dior make-up, eve lom cream set, drink haha!, chocie, money, gift cards, more make-up, mirrors and loads more!
ive had a really good christmas day, its really cheered me up!
From my parents/papa and grandma/sister and her bf: Lots of clothes from Banana Republic, a new tote bag to match my shoes, fun socks and undies, chapstick galore, some new eye shadow, a stuffed penguin, penguin shirt, pair of steve maddens, bit of money, and my new damier azur cles! :nuts: Heading to dinner with the rest of the family and BF later this afternoon, so more presents to follow.
$225 Coach Gift Certificate from my parents and some random ornaments
The Office Seasons 1 & 2 from the boyfriend
The Office Season 1 & Dwight Bobblehead from my brother

Pretty low-key Christmas. Mom's crying, dad's sad, I just want to get out of here :/