what did mister postman bring to me today..

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  1. finally! I got one of the 3 boxes i was expecting..I am in love with her..shes great..a little bigger than i thought

    thE Box:

    and this is what was inside1:


    notice little Poppy-Chan..."hanging" out haha

    boo hoo on the green lining tho..YUCK
  2. Gorgeous bag, adorable keyfob!
  3. Very cute, I actually like the green lining! Cute charm too!
  4. Awesome color! I am liking these bags more and more.
  5. I am in love with it, i am ordering it in sparkley leather tom. when tax money comes
  6. Nice! I don't know what's up with their lining colors but I do know they could do a much better job!
  7. love the bag and the color ! . enjoy.
  8. I love love love the colors on that bag, she's so pretty ... congrats!
  9. What an adorable bag! I like the lining :smile:
  10. She is really lovely and I really love the Lining...
  11. Pretty!!!
  12. CONGRATS!!! We are bag twins. The bag is a wee bit small for me...I usually like large bags, but I really like this bag anyway! I totally agree with you on the lining...it clashes with the purple IMO...yuck! But I think this is the same or similar as in my camel patent Sabrina, and it looks fab! I wish they had chosen something else for this bag, but I always consider the lining to be the icing on the cake...it doesn't make me buy or not buy the bag. ENJOY!!!
  13. Ohhhhhhhh I love it, the fob is adorable and the lining is nice, maybe it will grow on you?
  14. Lovely Bag Congrats...
  15. Beautiful bag! Love the colors!