What did I see?

  1. Sorry guys I know I keep having these types of questions but honestly there is NEVER any SAs in the Chanel boutique at Saks.

    Last time I was in I saw a zippered cambon (black and white) accessory of some sort. Maybe an agenda? Makeup bag? Not sure what else it could be. It was about 6x8inches (maybe smaller 4x6 - I am not completely sure since it was in the glass case). I was wondering what the price and function of the piece was. TIA!!! :flowers:
  2. I am pretty sure that is the makeup bag. It is more square than what we would normally think a makeup bag is. It retails for about $415.00 (I think).
  3. OIC fantastic. Thanks for letting me know! I was hoping it was an agenda. Does Chanel offer an agenda (planner) in the cambon?
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