What did I see?

  1. In work last week a girl came in with an LV bag I have never seen before. I have had a look to see if I can find this bag on the net, but no luck so you can u tell me if I saw a very special LV bag or a fake?

    I obv don't have a pic, but the bag was a shoulder bag in green. The straps looked like croc to me and the style of the bag looked like the Theda bag. Especially the end of the bag with the string going through the holes on the bag and popping out at the end. The actual fabric on the bag wasnt canvas or leather looked more like.....soft to the touch if you kwim? :confused1:
    It also had a flap over fastening, but I couldnt see too much as her arm was covering it.

    Sorry for the long post.

    P.S Dont mean to break any tPF rules :smile:
  2. I have seen something like that on eBay....let me see if I can find it again.
  3. This one? Hmmm, no strings around the sides tho.

  4. No that wasn't it. Thanks for helping tho. :smile:
    The colour was a much darker green.

  5. oh that is CUTE!!!! :nuts:
  6. Hmmm. doesn't ring a bell :shrugs: There was a turquiose ostrich Theda .... ?!?! But that's not really green :confused1:

    Could you maybe post a pictures of something in the green shade you are talking about?
  7. Yeah will try to find a similar colour. :smile:
  8. irvine.JPG
  9. The material on the bag had that "soft" touch to it but the LV symbols sorta looked raised if you kwim?

    I'm still looking for something, which is the same colour as the bag.

    Thanks for all your help on this :smile:
  10. Can't help you. Sorry.

    By the way, just found out what "kwim" means! Duh! I'm so not internet savvy!
  11. Picture 012.jpg
  12. Yeah I posted the Irvine in purple a couple of posts up (I couldn't find green but was just for material reference). Star has the Clyde.
    I love the Velours line :love:
  13. Photo 11.jpg
  14. ^I believe it was more of a turquoise color, not really green.
  15. Like this one: