What did I miss?

  1. Any new purchases ladies? So happy to be back! :woohoo:
  2. oooh so am I Tiffany_D, talk about major withdrawal symptoms :biggrin:

    I have been good though, honestly :biggrin:
  3. I bought something new!!
    But it's not Chanel. :smile:
    I finally got a LV Cerises Rond off of eBay last night!
    I was so bored that I went searching for stuff to buy on eBay.
    Thank god for tPF!! :heart:
  4. I know what you mean. I was twiddling my thumbs for the past two days. :confused1: I scanned the blog comments for any Chanel mentions and thought I saw a few posts on purchases. I can't wait to see pics. :tup:
  5. Um, yeah, LOL! I just bought another wallet -in beige this time - from Joseph at BG in NYC this morning. Luckily the price increase was only $20, very manageable. I've been looking high and low for a yellow-beige wallet for my totes, so this was justified. (or maybe it was a tPF withdrawal purchase...)
  6. Camellia card holder in black.

    Just received my Chanel eyeglasses and my vintage Chanel chain belt yesterday too!

    Will be getting my metallic wallet on chain. It just shipped today from Neiman Marcus catalog quick order, and it says it should arrive by Nov-12. Praying it will be sooner!!! I'm waiting for the wallet on chain to take a picture of the whole gang. :yes:
  7. I can't wait to see pictures!

  8. May I ask which one and how much?

  9. cute wallet roey!
  10. Thanks! At first I thought it was too plain because there is no quilting. It doesn't come in brown unfortunately - I asked! :biggrin: Brown Chanel wallets are really hard to come by nowadays. But if you visit Woodbury Commons, several brown wallets from the 2006 Outdoor collection were recently shipped from boutiques.
  11. Well, I think it's gorgeous. And you're right ... brown is hard to find.