What did I just do to my mini Stam!?!?!?!

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  1. So I snagged this yellow mini stam for really cheap...less than 20 dollars. It was beaten up and sad looking. Fortunately it was just really scuffed up and dirty, no such ripped leather or anything.

    I needed to fix the finishing on the leather so I picked up Tarrago Self Shine over the penetrating dyes. I bought the yellow color to match the original color but the dye wasn't opaque enough to cover the dark spots. Because of that I ordered a darker color navy blue.

    It was really scary but so far so good!!

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  2. oh, fun! i almost went for that bag but knew i was just too lazy to do anything with it. glad it went to someone who has some motivation lol
  3. Haha it took me a lot of motivation to get started. I put the bag in front of my bed to remind myself in the morning.

    This was more tedious than I thought. The quilting left stitches that are a pain to cover up. I hope it will be worth it. I am tired for now.
  4. What a fantastic idea!!! Well done :smile:please post the finished product :smile:
  5. Woo! So nice that a PF'er was able to grab that Stam for a steal. So far so good! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  6. I am stoked to see how this turns out! Looks so good so far!
  7. oooh! cant wait to see the final product!
  8. Yay!! I finally finished!! It took a long time because yellow to navy was a really big color change and required more coats!! I fear the leather would be stiff from the dye but over time it had soften up. It is more glossy than it used to be but it sorta reminds me of the blue petrol first season stam.

    Oh and ignore my fiance's hand. He wanted to play with the "new" stam.

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  9. You did a great job!
    I have a Dior that I need to dye. I have been putting it off for a year now because of fear. You have inspired me! I have the same brand of dye. Does the dye have a strong odor? I have been waiting for some warmer weather to put it outdoors if I need to.
  10. Wow, that is pretty darn impressive! Nicely done!
  11. It looks good as new! I have to ask, but where did you get it for so cheap?!
  12. Beautiful color!!!
  13. It has a bit of odor but it is not very strong. Just remember to apply thin coats and it is easier if you choose a color in the same shade.
  14. It was a really beaten up stam on ebay. The piping and frame was all scuffed and brown. The handles were super worn and had hideous long black marks. The frame was bent out of shape so I had to ask Mr. MAN to fix that.

    I sorta regret not taking a before pic but trust me, it was not pretty.

    I guess nobody wanted it so it was really cheap.
  15. Wow, you did a wonderful job! It turned out beautifully.