What did I get from Coach today??? *PICS*

  1. Hey guys!!

    My mom got one of those "Preferred Customer Event" cards, and we decided to use it today :p :woohoo::lol:

    I got one of those Scribble makeup cases, and a Hamptons Patchwork Small Tote, and the Patchwork Flats

    My mom got the Signature Stripe Large tote in the Parchment, except they had to order it cause it was out of stock :sad:

  2. Woohoo! Congrats!
  3. Here is my updated collection

    (not so bad for a 12 year old, if I do say so myself :p :p)

  4. cute! I LOVE that cosmetic bag, I was at coach with my mom yesterday and it was calling me, but I resisted
  5. Adorable shoes with jeans!
  6. Nice
  7. Great PCE purchases and your collection is awesome! I love the scribble beauty case and your pink scribble!
  8. I love the scribble case...it is too cute! You have a great collection!:yes:
  9. the PCE event really helped out, lol :p
  10. Congrats! :smile:
  11. Rapunzel, court811, ailurophile, reddianasaur, tlloveshim, AWylie1994, cginny-

    Thank you!!!!!!
  12. i love my little cometic case thing so much!! it holds alot, and it is too cute!!
  13. Very very nice! Gotta love PCE!
  14. Thanks guyS!!!
  15. VERY cute.. you have great taste!! BTW.. you have more than me!! Good to be spoiled, huh?!? :p You are one lucky girl!! :tup: