What did I do?!?

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  1. I'm so sad :sad: . After my mom's been bugging me forever about giving up one of my bags, I finally caved in and let her have my Batignolles Horizontal. After I gave it to her, I realized what I had done and tried to get it back. OMG!!! I couldn't breath and I swear I was about to pass out. I've given away some of my purses to my mom, sister and cousin's before. But never one of my LV's. It's like giving away one of my children. I'm such a bad parent. STUPID STUPID me!!!
  2. Ooohh sorry!!!!
  3. Don't feel bad- I'm sure your mom will let you have your bag back (I've had seperation anxiety too :upsidedown: )
  4. wow you just GAVE it to her?? Can I have one too??
    Nah that sucks. I don't think I could ever part with one of my bags unless it was some cheapo from Old Navy or Gap or something like that. Just tell her you made a mistake, she SHOULD understand......I mean it's your mom, she has to!!
  5. You shouldn't be sad...it's your MOTHER! be happy....I purchase Luxury items for my mom all the time...Louis Vuitton mostly because I know she loves them. She's my mom...I only have one and I will give her whatever her heart desires...she can have all my Louie bags for all its worth:yes:

    I love all my bags to death...but for her to be happy...anything
  6. I'm not going to tell you that you shouldn't feel upset/sad. I love my bags, too. But knowing that a bag of yours made your mother happy should cheer you up; you mentioned that she's been asking for a while. It is just a bag in the end...your mother's happiness is much more rewarding, IMO!
  7. ita!! i love my mother more than anything material possession in the world and if my mom wanted something, I wouldnt hesitate for a second to give it to her (or buy her a brand new one).

    Your mom went through a lot, she definitely deserves the best. you can always get another LV but you can't get another mom :yes:
  8. Why did she ask you for one? Any special occasion? Does she live close enough that you can share? It would be hard for me to give up one of my LV's.....I feel for you!
  9. I agree! iin fact, I can give up any one of my bags if my CAT wants it! lol (he already has 2 scarves... no interest in bags yet:p )
  10. aw, i know how you feel, but also agree w/ what everyone said, your mother's happiness is by far more important than LV. think positively, it's time to get a 'replacement' of BH, also there's no worry what to get her for birthday and mother's day from now on-LV!
  11. Don't feel bad, after all it's your mom. Maybe you can buy her a new one and get your BH back?
    I had to give up my Mini Lin Speedy for my mom and I did it because she's my mom and I love her. I want to make her happy even though I have to trade in my possession.
  12. ooh wow sorry to hear that.
  13. Trust me, I love my mom. I bought her an LV bag and wallet for her b-day this year. She doesn't even use it and she was the one that picked it out:shrugs: . But I did notice that she has been using it so I feel better. I was just having a bit of separation anxiety. My DH thought it was funny that I was so upset over it :censor: . I know it's just a bag. But my LV's mean so much to me since I've worked so hard for them. Hmmm, give me some time. I think I'll be ok.
  14. you'll be fine *HUG* :love:

    btw, what a darling pic of your DH and your kids!!
  15. I love my bags to death. I could never turn down a request from my mom or my sisters. Don't feel bad. You made mom happy that was really sweet of you. I agree you're just having separation anxiety and it will lessen as you see your mom using your BH on a regular basis.