What did i Do?!

  1. Yesterday afternoon i went on a little voyage to my local H and I was greeted by my amazing SA! Well we chatted and then we went to the wallets... my weakness. Long story short I impulsively purchased a Compact Bearn, Etoupe, PHW, and White stitching. I used it for about 2 hours and now i dislike it.. alot. and thats a lot of money for a mistake, AND im only 15 so a 1,600$ wallet is a tad extreme(esp considerign i already have a bearn and a dogon). so what should i do? eBay? some kind of private sale? or just live with it? or is this just buyers remorse? I would really appreciate your help
  2. Wow! 15? Well........hmmmm......you could return it if they'll take it back. You could ask. You'll get a store credit but that better than having something you dislike.
  3. Six years ago, I would have used that money on practically anything else :p
    In my opinion, if you want the money, try e-bay or something :smile: $1500 will leave you at a minimal loss :smile: OR try to take it back to the store, if it's in perfect condition, i'm sure they'll give you credit.
  4. mmid really rather have $ back there isnt much more at H i want right now
  5. what do you think i could get on eBay?
  6. I think it you'll get a fair amount less than what you payed, I think you should try to get the store credit, to get your Long Bearn in black with PHW in Chevre Mysore :smile:
  7. Well if you don't want store credit then eBay is the best option x
  8. i already have my long bearn... yikes
  9. What?!! [​IMG]
  10. You will probably take a significant loss on ebay... I'd try for store credit... something else will come along that you want. I see on your wishlist you want a long bearn and a Birkin; you can put the store credit towards that :idea:
  11. I say store credit, I mean you never know when you'll want something else :biggrin:

    And fifteen is not too young, I mean I'm only 17 and I already have a birkin.
  12. Take it back and take a store credit. As you are only 15, you should use this experience as a "life lesson." You have seen what buying impulsively can lead to at a young age, something that people 3-4 times your age still haven't learned. I am sure that during the next year they will be several smaller things that you might like or want.
  13. Sorry to sound judgmental here, but I have the Peggy Lee song "Is that all there is" going thru my head as I read these posts!
  14. haha maybe i'll just keep it.. idk i dont want to make the journey alll the way back to H
  15. Well, there you go then. Keep it OR in the spirit of the holidays maybe you could gift it to someone who would really love and appreciate it..........:yes::flowers: