What Did I Do????

  1. Hi guys I won these valentino shoes on eBay hoping to make them a Christmas gift for someone and they are the WRONG SIZE stupid me. I don't have much experience in womens shoe buying lol.... but it can be an expensive mistake lol. They were a display model so I got a decent deal.

    The person is a size 7 and sometimes a (7 1/2)

    These shoes are a 37 (6 1/2 ) .... do you think maybe they would fit???? excuse my stupidity lol!!

  2. Aww! I'm sorry! It's the thought that counts, right? Maybe you should show it to her and see if she minds the toe or heel "hangtime". I would have to go a half size of for that type of shoe, but that's not true for everyone. Good luck! If it doesn't work out, eBay it!
  3. ^^ thanks! I gave the shoes too her and they barely fit, she said they hurt when she walks lol. I felt good because she said she loved them and really wished they would fit! guess I will have to eBay them or something idk :sad: