What did I do????

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    I don't know why....I don't know what made me do it...has this ever happened to you ladies?

    I mean, I'm a die hard LV'r, and then I was looking on Bluefly.com and saw this bag and just loved it and before I knew it...was buying it!!

    I'm a little embarresed to tell you all! Don't know why I feel that way either....

    But...boy, I'll tell ya, I feel like I need to have a ciggerette now. LOL!!!!

    Oh, btw, I bought a Prada bag.
  2. It is perfectly alright....better to have a well rounded and diverse collection!
  3. awww... It'sa okay, Traci... The best of us slips sometimes... We forgive you...:P
  4. It's been said that variety is the spice of life. LV isn't the only brand for you, there are many other beautifully made handbags out there. I mean..would you only stick to one brand of shoes or clothing:nogood:?? Congrats on your new Prada bag, wear it in good health!:tup:
  5. Its fine, if buying other designer bags were a crime I'd be a polygamist in 10 states and have a hundred illegitimate children. Have fun with other brands, its great to have a diverse collection.
  6. ah, it's okay!! If i'm not buying LV, i usually buy Gucci! it's good to have other bags!!
  7. I guess you guys are right. It's just that I guess I've always been a "one women bag-lady" LOL!! Or at least one at a time.

    Here's a pic of the bag:


  8. Perfectly said and hilarious, too!:yes:
  9. It's really pretty, don't feel guilty! Enjoy!
  10. Don't worry...just don't let it happen again! Just kidding...it's ok to have other brands.
  11. Awww Traci.....it's OK..we all know LV is your 'true' love!
  12. You ladies are so funny!!

    I guess I was a little "out of sorts" of spending that amount on something that was NOT a LV bag!!

    But, thanks ladies...I guess I'm not the only one who cheats sometimes! LOL!!
  13. I have some Prada pieces as well.

  14. Girl, as long as you dont completely ditch LV your fine!

    Other bags are gorgeous too, but dont you dare leave LV!

  15. Congrats- it's an absolutely lovely bag! There's nothing wrong with cheating- I myself own 2 Pradas.
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