What Did I buy??

  1. I'm so confused. I bought this bag at the Saks in the Phibbs mall in Atlanta over Memorial Day weekend. I originally wanted the black on pink Cambon pochette but my Mom talked me out of it (that was the one with the blue stain on the bottom), and convinced me to buy the beige bag below because she thought the color was more practical. It's beige lambskin and cost me $327.00.

    Now I saw this on Amazon, and it looks identical to the style of my bag, but the price is so much higher than what I paid at Saks. Did I just get an insanely good deal or is Amazon grossly inflating the price??


    So what exactly did I buy? And what is the original price?
  2. Whatta bargain! Sometimes we just don't question the powers that be!!!!
  3. Is there any info on the box. Sometimes the name of the bag is on the box.
    Since when did Amazon start selling Chanel?? I've never seen that before.
  4. If you look on the receipt it usually will have the name or style. What does it say maybe we can help you find out ?
  5. I'm at work now, I'll grab the receipt when I get home and post the information that's on there & if there's anything on the box.
  6. great bargain! i like the style too.
  7. Gorgeous and a great deal!
  8. Wow ... if that's the same style as the one in Amazon, you got yourself one helluva deal! Congrats and enjoy!!
  9. Whoa, that's a great deal :nuts:
  10. Wow! Gorgeous bag at one hell of a deal! Congrats! Also, I didn't know Amazon themselves sell Chanel. I know that they can sell products for other online boutiques..but it's crazy that they are selling Chanel themselves!
  11. WOW!!!!! What a deal! Congrats! And enjoy!!!!!!!
  12. Actually, the boutique amazon sells for is "jade's boutique" (I'm pretty sure that's the name) so it's not really amazon its self.
  13. You have to be a little careful with Amazon because they are like a third party for other stores. If you go to these stores themselves it is cheaper because Amazon is making a few bucks. You also have to be careful to ensure who the actual dealer the purse is actually coming from.
  14. UNBELIEVABLE bargain! And you know yours is real, you can't be too sure when buying from Amazon or Bluefly these days! ;(
  15. Wow, I actually just looked at the Amazon link, you got an awesome deal for such a beautiful purse.