What did I buy? Which one do I keep?

  1. This is my first caviar bag! Previously I've only purchased lambskin bags for going out, but I started itching for a Chanel bag that can take the wear of everyday use. I had my heart set on getting the OLD SHINY caviar, so I bought 2 jumbos. I just got them both and now I can't tell if one or both is the shiny caviar or are they both the matte? Please help!

    (The one on the left is made in Italy and the one on the right is made in France)

  2. I really can't tell from the pics... but if it's any consolation, they both look lovely! :p
  3. congrats :smile:
    btw they look similar to me :p
  4. I have a shiny and a matte, and the pics make them both look like the shiny to me. The second part of the code on the chanel tag should read Y04839 if it's the matte caviar.
  5. Hmm, they both look like the "old caviar" shiny...

    This may help in confirming which is which....or if they're the same. The matte/shiny caviar have different prices.

    Here they are:

    The shiny jumbo caviar flap is: $2650
    "matte" jumbo caviar flap is : $2395

    Also...here is a link about old shiny caviar/matte caviar.....(with pics of both for comparison) also additional prices for other sizes - Pg. 2, post #27


    HTH!! :yes:
  6. Yay - they're both the shiny caviar! Thanks, ladies! I'm going to return one of them to NM today .... and maybe come home with something else from Chanel!
  7. I don't see a difference in the pictures, but do you see a quality difference between the two? (IRL)
  8. looks the same to me.....can't tell the difference either, i'm glad u finally figure out whether which caviar is it.....LOL
  9. they look identical for me! I would return one and get a complete different colour if I were u-- better than having the same bag twice!
  10. Ps.: I'd keep the shiney one (the right one) but to be honest- I dont think its going to make a big difference when wearing it...