What did everyone order for Spring?

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  1. With all of the recent trunk shows, I wondering what everyone ordered for Spring? I'll start:

    Caviar 31 N/S Tote in Black
    Timeless CC Accordian Tote in Ivory (I hope I like this because there were no samples, but I really want a light bag for summer)
    CC Strass WOC in black
    Red Camellia WOC
    Brilliant WOC in Black Patent (looks like the classic WOC, but the CCs are carved differently so that they shimmer, almost like small crystals)

    I also got some Aloha sandals, the thong CC sandals in both ivory and black, and the CC Pop low clogs.

    I loved this Spring collection and would have ordered more if I had unlimited funds. Some pics are below.

    What about everyone else?


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  2. I don't have pics but I ordered at the trunk show yesterday.

    On The Road Collection:
    Small Flap: Dark Purple
    Large Flap: Off-White

    There is a beige tote I ordered as well, but I forgot the collection name!! Oh my. . .
  3. just the large nature flap in black.

    skipped trunk shows and will skip more for reason that i must be good this season!
  4. same as pls5 for me... can't wait for it!!! :yahoo:

    oh, and two pairs of gorgeous shoessssssss
  5. I'm holding off since my nearest boutique hasn't even had their spring trunk show yet. I do have a bag or two in mind though. Messenger.
  6. hey how much was the Red Camellia WOC and was it in ghw or shw? i love it!
  7. I don't have the red camellia WOC yet. I believe it is silver hardware and the price is around $1200. I usually stick to black and ivory/white, but this red really caught my eye. All of these items were ordered at the trunk show, but none are in stock yet at my NM.

  8. How much was the CC Strass WOC in black? It is gorgeous!
  9. CC Strass WOC is $1375. I can't wait to get this one! I love the bling factor, but don't think I could pull off the tote.

  10. I saw the Red woc yesterday! gorgeous!
  11. Did anyone get the Chanel GST Patent Red? I was thinking of getting it for an everyday bag. I just bought the Newest Black Caviar GST and love it!
    They also have it in Patent Blue awesome color for this year. I can't decide blue or red they are both very beautiful!
  12. really like the woc, so stunning
  13. I agree with you guys! :yes:

    Both red Camellia WOC and the black patent Brilliant WOC are undeniably stunning! :nuts:

    My bank account won't be happy if I add these on my wish list. :lol:

  14. I would get the red. I saw it a few weeks ago and it is really beautiful:P