What did everyone get at the Saks EGC??


May 1, 2006
Funny you should mention that, I was at the Bal Harbour Saks for the EGC, I got some shoes and I also noticed it was so empty...........but.......
spoke to both my SA at Bal Harbour and Dadeland and they sold many, many chanel bags...at Dadeland and other merchandise at Bal Harbour, which had been set aside prior to the event itself........the new "lusted for" bags, like the Rodeo in blush that Sjunky got were all spoken for, before the event even started.... ..:heart:H


In Love
Jul 15, 2007
mine just came in the MAIL!! literally. once i realized it was my bag i was not upset to be woken up by fedex banging on my door! lol

.............white HYBRID!!!:yahoo: oh well, there goes a reveal thread! haha


Aug 11, 2007
I got a black caviar med flap with gold hardware; called on Friday, because I decided I wanted the jumbo and they (Saks) are completely sold out ! My SA is going to continue checking for me but told me to wait for the new shipment in 2-3 weeks so it would be a "fresh" bag.

When I got to Saks at about 3 on Thursday, their shelves in the Chanel Boutique were almost empty -so it was a good thing I ordered my bag early (even if I'm going to exchange it). I live in the Detroit area (we're supposed to be in a depression here) and Saks was packed on Thursday -- and people were buying.
My EGC card said not good for LV? I know I've used one in the past for LV - did something change or did my SA let it pass? Enjoy your purchases! Cheers!