What did everyone do for their BIG 30???

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  1. Its that time. Im approaching the big 3-0. I have mixed emotions. Proud. Nostalgic. Scared. Sad. Anxious. Pensive. But, tonight, right now, Im nervous. Ive been thinking about what to do for my 30th birthday since I turned 27. Now, with a little more than a month away, I still dont have any plans!!! I want to do something extravagant and memorable. And another side of me wants to be low-key with my family and do nothing. So my question is, for those of you who had a 30th birthday already, what did you guys do???
  2. As I recall, I didn't do anything much because 1) I was married to Mr. Party-Pooper at the time, and 2) turning 30 didn't seem like that big of a deal. For my ?39th? I got totally hammered with some girlfriends and had great humminah-humminah with some guy that to this day I have no idea how I ended up with him but who cares?
  3. 30 was def. a big deal for me. My BF (current DH) threw me a surprise bday party at a restaurant with a bunch of my friends and after that we went dancing and stayed out in a hotel in Waikiki. I think that that was the last time that I got really drunk. For me it marked the end of the crazy days and time to get serious and settle down. I woulda loved to have marked the occasion with a tatoo but my BF didn't approve. I did, however, buy myself an LV and BF got me some diamond earrings.

    HOpe you do something memorable to mark the occassion!
  4. I'm not quite there yet so I can't give you any suggestions. Not far off though... I don't even want to think about it! :sad: I want to stay in my 20s!!! :crybaby:
  5. *takin down notes*

    I have 9 more years to go...lol
  6. Well, I was on strict bed rest with my 2nd son. Couldn't even drink to dull the pain~ LOL:p But seriously, I had alot of really important issues going on at that time & I didn't even think twice about it. Trust me, it's not as bad as everything thinks~ frankly, I love my 30's!
  7. 30 was a GREAT birthday. I was living in Swtizerland in my early 20's and became best friends with this wonderful gal. We are still best friends today! (both almost 40!) I moved away when I was 25, we both promised to spend every BIG bday together for all the years to come. She turned 30, 6 months before me and had a big party in Swtizerland so I went there and celebrated with her. On my 30th we met in Puerto Es Condido Mexico for 2 weeks and had the time of our lives!!! I LOVE MY 30s!!! We were just dicussing our 40th in a few years. SHe just had a baby and Im trying to get pregnant so whatever we do will hopefully be with our kids! Whatever you do have a blast! WELCOME your 30's ....its been such a great time for me.
  8. I had a 2 week old son, so not much!!!!.....lol. Seriously, I don't even remember. I was suffering from NO SLEEP.....but I turned 40 last year and I had a blast!

  9. Hell, I can't remember... which to me, means I had a kick ass time!

    I would just assemble some close friends, maybe 5 or 6, then hit the town. Dinner, then dancing. Maybe even a strip club???
  10. My husband threw me a surprise party. Our dog had passed away 2 weeks before so he got me a new puppy and surprised me w/ her at the party. My friends had her hidden from me all day. My dog is almost 12 now so that was quite some time ago. (He also threw an amazing surprise party for me when I turned 40)
  11. I came home after a long day at work and went to sleep with my husband (we were newlyweds at the time). Everyone said I should have a big bash, but I've never been a big blow out person.

    Of course, I did buy myself a nice purse!

    Maybe I'll save the big bash for my 40th!
  12. Oh, that question brought back a wonderful memory!

    I have always been very messy, and have never really liked "parties" much, preferring entertain a few people on my own territory - which was basically my bed - and all watch TV!
    So for my 30th birthday, my friends put a huge tent in the largest yard they could find between them, put down a few mattresses and a squillion pink satin pillows and coverlets, and 2 big TV sets, and strew the whole floor with empty cigarette packs and Coke bottles and candy wrappers!

    In short, they re-created my room! Mess and all!

    They blindfolded me and someone carried me into it, tossed me onto one of the pink-satin covered mattresses, yanked off the blindfold and all yelled "Surprise!" - as one TV lit up with a feed then-popular local band that had set up at the other end of the yard - so that people could dance without interrupting my TV watching! - playing "Happy Birthday!"

    From there, it just got better, including of course, presents, cake, poems and various "performance art" events in honor of the occasion - you name it, they had it - complete with commemorative scrapbooks - way ahead of their time - for all the "VIP" guests (meaning my closest friends) - filled with photos and Xerox art of photos - all done and put together DURING the party - and handed out at evening's end, which, if I recall correctly, was shortly before lunchtime the next day!

    It was actually quite an elaborate to-do for the time, and even more impressive considering that none of the contributors was remotely wealthy, but their combined efforts outdid any single party I have been to before or since - OR seen on My Sweet Sixteen!

    Thank you for reminding me of that wonderful night! :love:
  13. Oh geez... I've got 1 year and 5 months left until big 3-0. I am hoping to have a huge party too. Hope whatever you do is super fun and memorable!
  14. Never will forget my 30th.. a bunch of my girlfriends took me to Los Angeles to see the Chippendale's which wasn't the furniture store:graucho: I cherish to this day the photo of me laying across the laps of six gorgeous men...although my dh would prefer that photo make its way to the shredder!!
    Those were the awesome carefree single days... but I love married life now and have my very own Chippendale!!:heart:
  15. LOL, DITTO!! :p

    But you should totally do something special, especially since you are already thinking about it. Depending on where you live you could throw a party for your friends :nuts:, or like Charles suggested go out and do a night on the town. :graucho:

    Happy Almost :yahoo: