What diaper ointment do you use for your LO??

  1. Ok I'm just wondering what has worked best. I'm using A & D gold and some stuff I got from the doctor, but its not working. My first child (boy) never had a rash, but this little girl of mine has one and it wont go away. :sad:
  2. How old is your little girl? Try leaving her out of her diaper for a while so that air can get to the spot of the rash, which is usually caused by moist skin-skin-diaper contact.

    Also, how often are you changing diapers? If she's having this problem a lot, maybe try changing them a bit more often? That could help!

    We use desitin & a mixture that we received from our baby's pediatrician.

    Hope that your little girls' bottom gets to feeling better soon!
  3. butt paste works pretty well
  4. It could be a yeast rash (Boys & girls can get it). You might want to apply an OTC yeast infection cream like Monistat or even Lotrimin-I bet it will clear right up ;) Has she been on any antibiotics lately?
  5. She'll be 3 months on the 7th. We air her out at every changing for about 15 or 20 mins. My MIL sugested Destin.... I'll give that a try. thanks
    I've seen buttpast at the store. I wasnt sure about it though. I'm going to get this also.

    I do believe that her pediatrician said it was a yeast infection, just a minor one. I should just call her!
  6. ^^Dr. recommmended gynolotrimin mixed with hysrocotisone cream. Clears it up fast!!!
  7. triple paste. avail. at target or walmart. if you can't find it, ask- it's pretty non-descript and the employees will help you. also, if it is a yeast infection, lotrimin will clear it up quickly, too. triple paste has worked the best for my baby- my dr. uses it on her baby, too.
  8. triple sounds like what I need! is it thick?

    thanx again Ladies for your replys!!!!!
  9. If it is in fact a yeast rash you need an anti-yeast cream. Desitin, Boudreaux's etc.. will not clear it up. Also, I would give her a good pro biotic such as Jarro-Dophilis + FOS. If you are not sure if it is a yeast rash call your Ped. or I would do a search in Google for pictures to compare.
  10. I used plain old vaseline. Tried Desitin, and a bunch of other stuff which never worked that great. Finally, I started applying petroleum jelly to the bottom after each diaper change, and it formed a solid barrier and prevented any more outbreaks! It works really well! I told my daughter's daycare, and now they use it on all the kids.
  11. my daughter had a yeast rash when she was about 1yr old. It was right after she had taken antibiotics and the anti-yeast OTC cream cleared it up in a couple of days.
  12. Thanks, I googled and found a pic. My LO dosnt look that bad, but I think she does have one with a diaper rash.
  13. Everyone has asked if I've given her antibiotics. I havent, but I'm breast feeding. Maybe its something I eat that causes a rash?
  14. yes! good luck!
  15. Desitin. You need to coat it on, like thick frosting, (lol) so that a "barrier" is created between the skin and the moisture. Then when you change him/her, you wipe off the top layer of Desitin and reapply. Do this until the rash disappears.