What Diaper Bag Are You Using Now?

  1. This is my first post in this forum and I will admit that I am a serious diaper bag addict. :smile: I'm curious as to what everyone uses. My current addiction is with the Ju Ju Be line. I am seriously loving their latest additions, the Be Spicy and Be Right Back. I'm currently alternating between my collection of Ju Ju Be bags right now.

    What are you all using?
  2. I have been obsessing over diaper bags, i am currently TTC, check out my list
    the coach diaper/future laptop bag

    the juicy one, definetly the pink for a girl

    or this pink burberry one

    this is just for dreams sake the LV diaper bag, [​IMG]

    i would like to see how big this is hmmm

    i like this in blackberry and it can be carried 4 ways

    back to reality,

    i can dig this

    and this

    and for those who really know me, u know what i'm thinking SOMEBODY musta made a croc diaper bag..........[​IMG] i'm not too thrilled i will keep searching

    and ooh yes but why in a latte color???

  3. i am using the LV monogram mini lin-very practical and durable..and looks good too!
  4. DD is 3yo now...so most of my purses. But I use the Long Champs Le Pliage Medium most of the time.
  5. I'm using an LV monogram large noe. It's a great bag because it's ver light and can hold a ton.
  6. I bought one from pinklining.com and love it to bits!
  7. I'm now using a Kate Spade diaper bag and happy with it...
  8. I'm using an LV BH and its working out great, I can fit everything I need.
  9. I bought tons of diaper bags with my younger son, now turning 4. Yet I always ended up using the Le Sportsac deluxe messenger (lived in NY with 2 boys, bag constantly getting spills on it, etc). On and off I would use one of my own bags and just stuff the baby's things in it. This time around (due in a month or so!) I bought a Bumble Bag but I think I'll return it and just use my LV Cabas Mezzo or my Anya Hindmarch tote.
  10. I have a Not Rational Hansel in black patent leather, a charcoal dot OiOi Hobo (cuurently on its way from shoebuy.com!), and just ordered custom ordered a gorgeous bronze patent crocco leather bag from Maya Moon Designs (this will be more of handbag for me that I also pack baby things in). Since we are expecting again in a few months (dd will be 3 soon...so excited about our new little one!), I'm thinking of adding one more Not Rational Hansel bag (gorgeous leather and just so fabulous...great for travel too!) and a JuJuBe Be All in the limited edition blue striped star. Diaper bags are great aren't they? :p
  11. I prefer my gucci jolicoeur tote except when I drop her off I just use a bag from target.