What diamond studs should I get?

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  1. Hey, I really need help! I'm looking into buying a pair of diamond studs that I can wear every day, and not take off. Originally, I was thinking around 1 ctw would be good, but I saw some 1/2 ctw studs the other day and thought those were already pretty big.

    For reference, I'm really petite with small attached earlobes, and I'm 20. I'm concerned about it looking blingy or too eye-catching for daily wear, but I also don't want to look back and want to get another larger pair, later on. What do you think is appropriate?

    Also, metal colour? Yellow gold or white gold? Would love to hear your opinions :smile:
  2. I personally prefer yellow gold with diamonds, but I think it depends on your skin tone. White gold, silver, and platinum look gray on me while yellow gold blends in better so the diamond looks brighter and stands out. My conventional diamond studs are platinum and 1 ctw, and I don’t love them as much as my much cheaper and tinier catbird chained to my heart studs in yellow gold. I say go for smaller studs if you have small lobes.
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  3. For every day wear, go smaller. If you intend to rarely take them off, there may be times where larger diamonds would be inappropriate or too flashy. Best to be conservative now, and given your age, you can always get a larger pair 10 years down the road.
  4. I love my 2 cttw, white gold martini set, I wear them every day!
    Honestly, you should go try them on! What’s right for us won’t necessarily be best on YOU!
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  5. 1/2 ctw would mean a quarter karat each ear which is quite small. Too small imo. I wear mine everyday and each is just under 1 or .8 (1.60 ctw). It’s not that big at all (I am on petite side as well).
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  6. I’d definitely go with the 1 ctw. I prefer yellow gold, but I have a light, warm skintone and that’s what’s most flattering on me. I wear my 1 ctw studs daily, exactly as you describe and they’re perfect. I’m also petite and have small earlobes and small features. I honestly think you’d regret anything smaller.
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  7. 1 ctw is not too big, esp if you will be wearing these post college, as a young professional, and so on.
  8. I ct. total weight is never large, .5 ct each ear is pretty small, I have them and have always regretted not getting them in 1ct each ear. Yellow gold takes away from the near-colorlessness of a diamond, stick with Platinum or white gold. Good luck.
  9. I like white metal so all you see is white and sparkle.

    If you like .5ctw now, buy from a vendor like Whiteflash that has an awesome upgrade policy and upgrade them in a few years. I bought my 1ctw studs from them for exactly this reason!

    I'm older and have a daughter about your age. She wears my smaller studs (they're about .4ctw) and they look lovely on her. She does not like to wear my larger studs because she thinks they're too flashy in her friend group.
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  10. Upgrade policy is a good idea.
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  11. The best cut quality stones you can afford, and look at a place with an upgrade policy so that if you DO wish you'd gone larger later in life you can trade up. Brian Gavin, High Performance Diamonds, James Allen, and so many more have great trade up policies.
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