What designers do you own costume jewelry from?

  1. I know that some people refuse to pay for designer costume jewelry, but I confess that I really do like it. Anybody else?
  2. I love all jewellery and happily mix my fine jewellery with good quality (mostly designer) costume jewellery.

    I have several pieces by Chloe (surprise, surprise!), a Tom Ford for YSL cuff, 4 Roberto Cavalli bracelets (three of them snakes!), two pairs of earrings and a pendant by BV (although, these are sterling silver/vermeil so, technically, they aren't costume) and pieces by Julie Sandlau, Erickson Beamon, Lee Angel and Kenneth Jay Lane.

    I also have quite a few vintage pieces by various designers.
  3. Sounds nice! Do you happen to have any pics. of any of them? I would love to see!
  4. I don't know if anyone knows Sheila Fajl - but I bought a gorgeous topaz ring of her's yesterday and It's awesome!! She's been featured in Syle and Elle magazines - very up and coming.

  5. Not yet.

    But I was thinking of taking some pics to add to my Bag Showcase, at some point, so when I get around to it (I'm a procrastinator :shame: ), I'd be happy to post them here as well! :yes:
  6. No rush!!
  7. I really like chanel bracelets, earrings, and necklaces! i still have yet to own them though =(

  8. HeHeHe! Thanks! :biggrin:
  9. Here's my Tom Ford for YSL Rive Gauche Cuff Bracelet, A/W '04 - '05 (I like to wear it over my left hand! :biggrin: ):
    Tom Ford YSL Rive Gauche Cuff Bracelet ch copy.jpg
  10. Very nice!! Thanks for posting a picture. It must be very pretty on.
  11. WOW! That is stunning!
  12. Thank you both! :flowers:

    I couldn't resist it, even though it was more than I would usually pay for costume jewellery.

    I love the way you can wear it over the hand, instead of just on the wrist. :yes:

    Pippi, I particularly like the Joseff of Hollywood Snake necklace you posted! I love snake motif jewellery. :heart:

  13. I just realised that I said it was from A/W '04 - '05. :Push: It isn't - it's from S/S '04.

    Sorry! :shame:

    For reference, here's the matching Minaudiere:

  14. I love Otazu also. Just stunning costume jewelry. I have 2 pieces from this designer that I bought at a trunk show, I get more compliments than you could ever imagine.