What designers are keeping up their quality?

  1. LV canvas
  2. I have LV monogram, vinyl with canvas backing from the 80s and when friends feel it, they comment on how thick it feels. I remember noticing that LV monogram was getting thinner back in the 90s. And the vinyl in the 90s looks and feels thinner and has a semi shiny finish. Mine has a more mat finish. My keepalls are very different from the later-made ones. They could probably survive a bull charging them and still come out looking fabulous. LOL! :biggrin:
  3. I think that coach handbags are easy to keep clean and always good quality
  4. I think it is thinner to make them lighter and easier to carry? Just my thought.
  5. I think Dooney's kept up their quality. I've had a chance to see some of their recent seasons in person and the leather felt really thick and just really really nice.

    As others have mentioned, Coach and Marc Jacobs bag have been hit or miss. For Coach, mostly misses. The biggest quality drop in my opinion though are the Coach leather bags. I was shocked at how thin and cheap the leather felt. If I was doing a blind test I probably would've put its value at ~$50 (when it actually retails for $300+!)
  6. Totally agree!! Their marketing ploy is that they made the leather thinner so the bags would be lighter, but I'm not sure I'm buying that. The bags were very heavy and the big ones were like carrying luggage. I have a vintage one that my grandmother left to me and I rarely carry it because it is so heavy, but when I felt how light the new ones are I was really disappointed. And they don't need to make the smaller ones that much lighter, do they?
  7. Bottega Veneta, balenciaga, chanel, and hermes :smile: The price cannot lie...
  8. This is definitely not true for Chanel and Balenciaga. The quality has definitely declined over the years. I don't know about BV or Hermes since I don't own either of those.
  9. Loewe, I've only heard good things about it and even though it was bought by LVMH it hasn't declined it's quality.
  10. I worked in the handbag business and YES it's like this. The prices increasing, but the quality are decreasing. A lot of brands are starting producing in asia and you see the difference.

    BUT the people today are less intersted in the quality. It's sad, but true. Also the people working in the business like the buyers and marketing managers etc. doesn't know anything about it. And the clients much less. Or can tell me anybody in this forum, what makes a good quality and a bad quality. Does anybody know a little bit more about leather? does anybody treasure his bag?

    LV is still the best for me!
  11. i have balenciaga since 2007 and it's still good and lovely...my friends keep adore my bal bag...and i also own a vintage chanel and still in very good condition and quality though it comes from #2...i own all of the bags that i describe above...
  12. It is a shame that more people don't pay attention to quality. I still look at the stitching ,the edging, the finishing around pockets of the interior,zippers, and quality of the leather and interior fabric or leather. I love a well made bag.
  13. As far as the original question goes I have noticed some cheaply made models in a few company's, but I just don't buy those.
  14. Gucci, Hermes, and Mulberry
  15. I just bought a Wilson full leather purse on clearance for 20 bucks and let me tell you I could find not one thing wrong with it. Thick leather like an old Dooney and sooooooo well stitched. Nice classic shape. I think and feel like the quality is so suburb. I have seen other bags for 300 with loose and uneven stitching and logo placement etc..

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