What designer makes this bag???

  1. I bought the bag pictured in January 2007 from a small boutique and was told that this style would be very hot for 2007. The store had a magazine page posted on wall with 3 other styles with same brown floral print.

    Magazine page featured a satchel with two round zip pockets, a tote bag and overnight bag. But, not the style I purchased.

    I have searched the net over and over for 2 weeks, trying to find out what designer makes this bag.

    Please help me with name of designer and where it's sold. It's driving me nuts not to know the answer. I know this is the place to come for purse questions.
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  3. Shouldn't it say inside the bag?
  4. I agree! There should be a tag or something that says who made it and maybe another that mentions where it was made and the material. I always look for such tags. Do you remember which magazines pictured the bag?
  5. Looks like an Alexander McQueen. The floral looks like Gucci.
  6. It looks like a Mulberry. I've read somewhere that you can get them customized w. florals, etc. It's mad expensive, though.
  7. I agree with Style_Baby - that clasp is classic Mulberry.

    It's weird there's no tag though. Was it pricy? And why would a boutique not tell you the designer?
  8. It looks like Mulberry to me. Are there any logos on the hardware or inside the bag?
  9. Um, in my opinion, this bag is not made by a "designer". I think it's one of those bags that are inspired by a bunch of other designs, which explains why it contains so many trendy elements. The break-down:
    The clasp is Mulberry-ish
    The floral is Gucci-ish
    The detailing is as someone mentioined, McQueen-ish (or a little Gucci again)
    The shape is again, Gucci-ish. Gucci made several styles like this.
    I am just commenting from this one picture, so I may very well be wrong.
  10. Would be interested to know - it is very different!
  11. Maybe... scammed..? There's always a name tag inside the bag... Or somewhee else.
  12. It certainly looks unusual enough that you would think that it would be easy to identify...but I'm of no help. Sorry...
  13. Sorry about double posting, but if you tell us how much you gave for it , it might help.
  14. Mulberryish to me as well
  15. I agree, Mulberry- :yes: