What designer is faked the most ?

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  1. Hi Ladies, I was wondering if anybody knows who gets his/her designs copied the most? Is it CL? MB? JC? Thanks!!!
  2. I would say CL. From Bruges to Prives, etc.
  3. I think its CL because of the red sole.
  4. I wouldn't say CL's get *faked* the most -- copied, knocked-off....yes! Everyone from Steve Madden to Aldo to Nine West to even Jimmy Choo knocks off CL nowadays. BUT "faked" (at least in my books) means copying every single detail and using the CL insole/label/engravings to pass it off as genuine. While there are unfortunately a few pairs of fake CL's on eBay nowadays, there are also fake Manolo's....and more prominently (in greater quantities), fake LV, Dior, Chanel shoes (especially the logo-plastered styles). Thankfully high-end designer shoes are still faked significantly less than handbags and the fakes are much easier to discern. A lot of high-street brands knock-off CL these days, but I wouldn't call them fakes (despite being a long-time CL addict).
  5. ^^^ITA. It's annoying, but oh well.
  6. Fake Manolos???? Are you serious??? I've only ever seen fake LV and Gucci, maybe those quilted Chanel slippers. Definetly no "shoes only" brands.
  7. There are TONS of fake LV shoes on eBay all the time.
  8. Thanks, Ladies. I guess I am asking as I am a big fan of Jimmy Choo and I was looking at eBay as an alternative to getting them at the store.