What designer bag should I purchase next?

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  1. Hi! I currently own a Celine Mini Luggage Tote (cross body). I'm looking to purchase another designer bag. I am wanting a bag that isn't as structured as the Celine.. I've been eyeing the Givenchy Nightingale, does anyone have any reviews of theirs or other suggestions!? I'm also only 17 years old so I don't want to spend over $3,000.
  2. I think you can find a lot of non-structured designer bags for less than $3k. What pops in my mind immediately when I think non-structured is the Balenciaga and you can find them at Saks Off Fifth. Something that could be even friendlier to your wallet would be Longchamp, and they have some great all leather pieces if nylon isn't your thing.
  3. I actually have a long champ and I love it! I have looked at Balenciaga and also love them! Thanks for the advice!
  4. Have you considered the Loewe Puzzle? It's got a cool modern shape, but still semi-slouchy.
  5. One more for Balenciaga or Proenza Schouler, I really like the PS1 version with fringe.
  6. Im on the same page as you! I want a slouchy bag, but I'm torn between the Givenchy Nightingale and the Saint Laurent Duffle. Would you guys consider those classic bags?
  7. IMG_0445.JPG What about Jérôme Dreyfuss?
    Here is a pic of one of his best selling bags... Billy.