what designer am I seeing everywhere?!

  1. Hello all, I am still pretty new to posting around here, but I was hoping you all could help me with your expertise!

    Everywhere I go on campus I am seeing these brightly colored bags, always paisley print, and they are quilted. I am in love with the pink and blue colors. Does anyone know what designer these are? They are in the $80-$120 price range if I remember correctly (I saw them briefly at the beginning of the year in the bookstore).

    What do you think of these bags? Aside from that they are everywhere on campus, they are pretty cute and festive. They usually brighten up my gloomy winter days!

    Thanks for any help,

  2. perhaps vera bradley?
  3. Sound like Vera Bradley...
  4. They are definitely Vera Bradley! Thanks for the identification.
  5. I want a Vera Bradley bag for school, too! I think that those bags are so fun and happy. :wlae: