What Design Would You Do?

  1. If you could design a bag for Tokidoki what would it have on it?

    I was thinking of how many cute things they could do if they were still going to be making the bags after this year. :sad:

    I was thinking maybe like a mid-evil type print bag with A royal family, dragons, flying unicorns, fairies, wizards, elfs etc...how cute would that be?!

    Or an outter space theme, with aliens, stars, planets, rocket ships, satillites, commets etc?

    Whats your idea? What would be on it?:idea:
  2. medieval would be awesome as long as it doesnt look like harry potter(bwack!). also egyptian, amusement park, candy land ... a circus theme would rock... also characters dressed like singers from all decades. badass.
  3. Ooooh! I remember a thread on this topic a while back... I had said I'd love a fairy print!! He could include the green fishing fairy on Pirata!!
  4. party! all the cute tokidoki characters can have on like birthday hats and balloons and cake >_>;
  5. I'd do an Adios/Ciao Ciao tribute bag.....baby pics, school pics, dating, braces, nerdy glasses, courtship, engagement, wedding...kids! It would be great!:tup:
  6. haha, these ideas are all really good. id buy them =P

    i dont know... apart of me is sad there wont be any tokidoki bags after 2007... but if my bank account had a face it would be grinning with relief right about now.
  7. I would the happiest girl in the world if they came out with a Medieval Bag!!!:drool: With Adios as a Knight and Ciao Ciao as a Princess stuck in a tower. With fairies and dragons and unicorns. That would be SO AWESOME!!!:yahoo:

    A Candyland theme would be so cute too..

    A Halloween Theme would be awesome. Because I LOVE Inferno and the Halloween would have Devils too. And Witches, Werewolves, and More Vampires!

    I :heart: Harry Potter so if they do a bag as that I would jumping up and down because of joy forever...

    It would be awesome a Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland theme!:yes:

    A Roaring 20's Theme. With Moofias Gang like the Mafia. All characters dressed in 20's dancing in a club with Music Notes in the Air.. And All That Jazz!:p

    Ooooh And a Robin Hood Theme would be soooo cute...

    I really hope they dont stop making Tokidoki Bags.:sad:
  8. The fantasy and sci-fi ones are good. :smile: I loved taking my Pirata Gioco when I went to go see Pirates of the Caribbean (yeah, I'm a dork, but so are a lot of people here 'cause I KNOW I'm not the only one who did this!!) and wished for something similar themed to take to a sci-fi movie I went to see.

    I would love a cooking or sports theme one. The sports one would be awesome for a gym bag, but I don't think I could ever take a beloved tokidoki bag to set on a questionable gym bench. XD Cooking I'd love because I love to cook! :biggrin:
  9. Ooooh I just thought of another one.. I Buddha theme one... With Buddhas and Cherry Blossom Trees and a couple of Geishas... That would be sooo cute..:graucho:
    It can have a couple of hidden Ninjas too..hehe
  10. :nuts: All these ideas are TOO cute!! It would be awesome to have a medieval themed one.. and COOKING?!?! Somebody mention food!?! Hahaha I'd love one with cooking & baking (I bake).. Kind of like the inferno print.. that made me :drool:

    Adios & CiaoCiao themed bag = :love: But would that be a little too much black and pink?? :lol: That would be sooo cute though!

    An "Under the Sea" type of print would be cute too! Like Spiaggia but the entire bag would be the underwater part with more characters!! And no Pink strip like Spiaggia!

    Ohhh!! Cherry blossoms!! And hidden NINJAS!! :nuts: I'm going crazy from all this excitement! They really shouldnt end the Tokidoki for LeSportsac line... Look at all the ideas we've come up with!!
  11. I was thinking of an Egyptian and cooking bag too! Way cute!!! I hope he still continues to make bags with the prints similar to LeSportsac bags.
  12. Ohhh they should do one with Roman gods & goddesses/Athens one!! Like that mural/wall that Simone did on that show.. I didnt watch it but I came across it once. I think someone posted it in a thread a longggg time ago!
  13. This is unrelated, but Miss Dana, I LOVE your avatar!! XD Those planes are my favorite part of Citta!! :heart:
  14. Woot Candyland! I looved that game when I was little, it would be awesome to have the "road" with all the cute candy-fied toki characters on it.

    And yes, anything with food....
  15. OMG...I :love::love::love: this idea!! I loved that game too!! Pink Latte would eat the Peanut Brittle :yes: I'd soooo buy this!! :tup: Great idea!