what department stores sell chanel?

  1. I know some bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus sell chanel, but can you guys tell me which one? Thanks.
  2. In So.Cal?
    NM - Beverly Hills, Newport Beach
    Saks: Beverly Hills, SCP
    Bloomies: SCP
    There is more, call the stores and they will be able to tell which for sure!
  3. go to chanel.com, find store locator, you will find all the stores carry chanel in your area. Good luck!
  4. We have Chanel at Bergdorf's, Saks and Bloomies in New york
  5. In NY, there's also Hirshleifer's (at the Americana Manhasset on Long Island) and Jeffrey (in the Meatpacking District in NYC). Jeffrey NY just recently began carrying Chanel bags (recent as in only a few months ago) -- they have a very limited selection (6 or so styles) but this is just the start for them.