What department stores carry LV? Neimans?

  1. I used to live in Hawaii, so I'd always go to Ala Moana there, but I moved to El Paso Texas and I know there are no freestanding stores within an 8 hour drive. Do department stores carry LV? I love shopping and holding the purses, trying them on, etc. Online shopping just doesn't do it for me.
  2. I'm not sure about texas - you can go on the LV website to look for stores. They do list the stores that are inside Neimans, Saks, etc.
  3. Darn it. I was hoping that they only listed freestanding stores. My town isn't even on the dropdown menu.
  4. I'm in El Paso as well so if I want to see an item in person, I have to go all the way to San Antonio. There is LV at Saks and Neiman Marcus there.
  5. ^ wow, El Paso to SA, that's a looong drive!!! i did that once...felt like we were on I-10 forever...

    yeah the LV at Saks in San Antonio is amazing..very friendly SA's, and it's rarely crowded so you get a lot of attention & help. although it's not a freestanding store but to me it almost felt like one, it was pretty nice and they had a lot of stuff.
  6. Saks is one of the bigger one, even have shoes! (pm if you need anyhelp, I'm in SA), or you can use Elux since it's tax free in TX :yahoo:
  7. You're lucky you have one that close! Since I moved to the east coast of Canada I have to fly in order to go to LV! The nearest one is 4 provinces away! I go through some serious withdrawl! I haven't been inside an LV store since last Feb.!
  8. There is a LV in our Macy's here (it was a Marshall Field's before the changover a year ago), so there might be more out there. Good luck!