What department stores carry Chloe

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  1. I live in Ohio and I am having a hard time finding a store that carries Chloe bags.

    I checked Nordstroms and they don't have any at all.

    Any suggestions?

  2. I'm not familiar w/what's available in ohio...perhaps someone else can help w/that...but you can get your paddy's online at reputable sites/stores like Aloharag.com, Netaporter.com, or Louisaviaroma.com --which are known to carry only authentic designer items...I've ordered from Aloharag (AR) and Louisaviaroma (LVR) and they are both great w/ great customer service...LVR is in Italy, so you have to pay customs after you get the package...Fedex will bill you separately... AR doesn't charge any shipping or taxes and the prices for paddy's are usu. a bit lower than the retail prices so it's a great place to shop!

    Good luck on ur search!
  3. Thanks!!!!!!

    Anyone else?

    Angie :wlae:
  4. sorry i'm not sure about which locations but i know certain neimans, saks and bloomingdales have them as well...
  5. Certain Nordstroms have them too - there are 5 Nordies in my region and 2 carry tons of Chloe, but the one Saks does not. You might have a Nordstrom SA help you get a bag from another store. Neimans also has them available online.
  6. Bloomingdales in Roosevelt Field Mall...Long Island carry chloe. They are having a 30% sale until tomorrow 12/2.