What deodorant works the best?

  1. I can't find a deodorant that I really like. Any suggestions?
  2. I really love Crabtree and Evelyn one...they only have one kind so if you look in the website it should be there...it smells like perfume but drys really a soft smell...

    Then I also have the L'occtaine stick one that they just came out with...smells like mint but has no aluminus salt so is good for you. These two are my favs....
  3. I like Soft & Dri. It works really well as both a deodorant and antiperspirant. I've only tried drugstore brands.

    I didn't like the Dove Ultimate Clear at all, that ultimate clear crap is such BS. I would only apply a thin layer and I would even wait a few minutes and my black shirts would still have white stains.

    I wasn't a fan of Secret either.
  4. I like Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry.

    The kind I'm currently using has an "Orchard Blossom" scent. Smells great!

    Dove deoterants never seemed to work for me...I still ended up smelling like sweat - same thing with spray or roll on!
  5. I like degree, arrid, and dove deoderants. They seem to work the best for me.
  6. I really like my Degree Ultra Clear...

    and I recently started using the Secret Clinical...really does work on the Hazy-Hot-Humid days we've had in New England recently
  7. I like Arrid right now. I don't like Secret, Dove, or Degree.
  8. Real Simple magazine just did a "road test" of deodorants and here is what they say:

    best solid- Secret Clinical Strength
    best roll on- Mitchum for Women Dry Roll On
    best gel/cream- Dry Idea Clear Gel

    I use the regular Secret but I think I'm going to try the Clinical Strength. It's so freaking hot right now I need all the help I can get. I wish I was brave enough to get my underarms Botoxed- that's supposed to work like magic.
  9. wow the secret clinical strength didn't work for either me or my bff:sad: so we continue to rotate between deo brands every 6 months
  10. I use Dry Idea unscented roll on. I dread the day it gets discontinued, LOL!! I personally do not need scented deodorant...that's what my perfume is for!

    they also have it in an unscented clear gel. Just takes a little longer to dry but it does a pretty good job not flaking!
  11. I LOVE Kiehl's new deoderant. It comes in a squeeze tube...it is a cream formulation.

    It is alittle more expensive than normal deoderant but it works great!
  12. I like ban.
  13. I use Almay Clear Gel deodorant. No smell and no stains unless I put on too much of it!
  14. right now target has deoderant on sale 3 for $5.00 at least here at my target. I just bought some dove, but they also had mens and other brands.
  15. I use Secret in the Vanilla scent, works great. My husband will only use Degree.