What defects would you find to the Alma ?

I love the alma, I have a black multicolor. The size is great, holds a ton. The only issue is the bottom. But i just watch where i put it down so its not that big of a deal.
Its not awkward to carry at all, its a hand/arm held and i dont find it to be too heavy.
I also like this bag in the Monogram style, It would make a great everyday bag.
I hated my Alma. I hated the way the zippers opened and the inside of the bag was exposed. I don't know but I also felt is was uncomfortable to carry compaired to the Speedy. I gave it to my sister and she loved it and still has it. I think the bag has to be over 15 years old by now-so it held up well.
I have three almas (mono, red epi, black epi). I think that the style is classic, yet unusual. It holds a ton and the dual zippers make it easy to get in and out of.
At first I didn't like the Alma at all. I thought the shape was an "old-lady" style and I also thought the bag wouldn't hold a lot of my stuff. Well --- I have been reformed!!! So much so that I'm now a proud owner of an Epi Alma in myrtille with matching straps.

Funny how one's LV tastes improve with more time on tPF!
I have a black epi alma and it's the perfect bag for work. It's very roomy, sturdy and very elegant. I think the only complaint I'll have is nobody knows that I'm carrying a LV. :graucho::P
I had a mono Alma, then exchanged it for the Damier Alma, then exchanged it again for the Mono Alma. And, then I sold it to my friend for her mom!!! When I put all of my stuff in the Alma, the zipper was distorted when closed and I didn't like it! It's a beautiful bag, but it just didn't work for me.... but I liked that it had D-rings to hang a strap with it! I think the Speedy should have the same D-rings!!