what day/time do you all like to list handbag auctions upon eBay????

  1. Hello,

    I have been wondering for quite sometime, what is the best day and time to list handbag auctions upon eBay? I would love to hear what eveyone thinks!

    best wishes. :flowers:
  2. i'm not a big seller here but i normally list mine on sunday mornings or nights, for a 7day aution. i figured people would have time to bid without having to staying up late or getting up in the middle of the night, hence, i get more last minute bidders.
    it would be a different story if your bidders are from all around the world or in the different time zones i guess. you probably have to figure your potential buyers' areas and do the time maths.
    just my 2 cents =)
  3. I've been listing on Sunday evenings with 7-day listings. That way people have all week to watch, and are home when the auctions are going to close.

  4. Me too, or sometimes on a Tuesday evening when it's not the middle of the work week.
  5. I usually list mine between 7-8 PM on a weekday. Most people are home from work, they are finished dinner and not yet asleep.
  6. If you're listing designer brands allow 7 - 12 hours for the item to show up on eBay. Base your start time with that in mind, AND, don't revise a designer brand (if you can help it) because you start all over again with another 7 - 12 hour loss.
  7. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that although it might take several hours to show up, the end time is still the same as when you listed. For example- if you started your auction at 6 pm, and it didn't show up until 9 pm, it still ends at 6 pm.
  8. You're correct. I wrote to ebay about that delay and they said the best thing to do is to do your auctions early, like even the day before, and set your start time. I've not had the big delays recently when I revise the auctions. They've been showing back up in minutes.