What day is it? It's reveal day!!

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  1. So after a semi crushing loss on the "bay" the other day, these lovelies arrived today to cheer me up....




  2. mmm red suede
  3. looks like a V-day shoe!!!
  4. My new little fun pumps, I thought they were gonna be more of a reddish color but am even happier with the color they turned out to be (Sorry not the best lighting in my apt).




    Bam! Love that Geranium!:sunshine:
  5. Ooooh I didn't think of that. Fun times in the near future!!
  6. Congrats ! Wear them in good health:heart:
  7. They're lovely. The color is so pretty and they look amazing on you. Congrats and enjoy them.
  8. Love the color! :biggrin: Congrats!
  9. Thanks Vodkaine, Alice, and Lilcorinthian! I'm really looking forward to putting these into rotation. Definitely will be getting some action at my friends b-day part on Thurs. Now just gotta find my suede protectant...
  10. chibieri, they're a lovely shade! congrats!
  11. What a lovely color! And, the suede ron rons are comfy too! Congrats Chibieri!
  12. Love it!
  13. Gorgeous, Chibieri!
  14. Thanks ladies!! I think I've finally found an avatar worthy shoe:heart:!
  15. So pretty chibieri! Congrats on a great find!